The Rising Stars of the Profession: Jamie Eckert


Jamie Eckert

Excellence in Client Service
Age: 33

Jamie Eckert, Senior Investment Consultant & Director of Client Consulting, made a risky career change four years ago when she was 29. She went from asset management to investment consulting.

“With no experience in consulting, I had to take a significant pay cut and start at the bottom as an analyst alongside others straight out of undergrad,” Eckert says. “This risk turns out to be one of the best bets I have ever made as I have been promoted every year I’ve been at Mercer and am in a career I love.”

What excites her most about a consulting career? “Learning,” she says. “No single day, no single project, and no single client is the same. And, it’s always a challenge.”

In her role as Senior Investment Consultant & Director of Client Consulting, she is responsible for the ongoing development and enhancement of Mercer’s investment value proposition and market position. This includes developing Mercer’s service offerings and service model.

Ask her what has been the key to her success and she says: “Raising my hand and putting myself in uncomfortable positions.

As far as being recognized as one of the Rising Stars of the Profession, she says that at the end of the day all that matters is that her clients know and feel they are getting the best advice and service when it comes to the management of their pension plans.

“So getting this award for client service is an honor,” Eckert says. “My goal is to continue to grow and learn as a consultant so I can continue to serve my clients the best I can.”

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