The Rising Stars of the Profession: Garan Geist


Garan Geist

Excellence in Strategy Consulting
Age: 31

Garan Geist, an Associate Principal with Marakon, says he strives to bring a combination of logical, analytical thinking to problem-solving, while also adapting his management style to be as flexible as possible to his colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses.

“I think this balance of structured thinking at the granular ‘building-block’ level with flexibility at the macro level provides the strongest foundation for success,” he says. “I love the intellectual challenge of being brought in to solve large, high-stakes, inherently difficult problems in uncertain environments, usually at the highest level of an organization. No single project or even single day is the same, so I always have to bring my ‘A’ game.”

Geist says he is most proud of the strong relationships he has developed, both with clients and with his consulting team.

“Our firm’s success is based on developing long-term, successful relationships with our core clients, which puts extra emphasis on delivering high-quality work to make sure they keep coming back to us for advice,” he says. “Every time we are able to extend a project or find an additional area to assist a client elsewhere in the organization (sometimes years later), I consider it a success and a clear piece of evidence for the value I am bringing to the table.”

As far as the award, Geist says that it’s great to see that all of his hard work is appreciated. “The consulting learning curve is always steep, and I know there will continue to be more to prove, but the recognition that I am moving in the right direction means a lot,” he says. “And of course, I couldn’t have done it without having a consistently strong set of mentors and project teams along the way.”

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