The Rising Stars of the Profession: Emily Harte


Emily Harte

Excellence in Client Service
Age: 34

Ask for what you want, says Emily Harte, a Director at AlixPartners, when asked about the best advice she’s ever received. Then she catches herself: Actually, I don’t think anyone ever gave me that advice,” she says. “I just learned through experience that it can be incredibly effective.”

It’s served her well. She joined AlixPartners in 2014 as a Vice President and was promoted to Director in January.

“I constantly challenge my own limits, which motivates me to question the status quo, to be open and adaptive when things inevitably change, and to have the confidence to know when to ask for help,” Harte says. “Consulting is about solving problems, but behind the financial, operational and strategic business issues there is an individual. So what I really get to do every day is help people.”

Harte says she works alongside the most talented professionals at AlixPartners in an industry where there is no roadmap to a successful restructuring. “You have to build the road,” she says.

She also says she sees her unique set of experiences as an opportunity to make an impact in the advancement and empowerment of women in business, whether it is by educating others, taking risks, or being a source of inspiration for aspiring young women.

As for being recognized as one of the Rising Stars of the Profession, Harte says that winning this award is a reflection of the tremendous support from her colleagues at AlixPartners.

“Being recognized as one of the Rising Stars of the Profession reaffirms the success that can come from collaboration mixed with strength and independence.”

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