The Rising Stars of the Profession: Derrick Coleman-Turner


Derrick Coleman-Turner

Lyons Consulting Group
Excellence in Strategy Consulting
Age: 31

Derrick Coleman-Turner is a Technical Lead on the eCommerce Implementation Team at Lyons Consulting Group. At 31 years old, he leads his team in developing eCommerce sites for clients.

Coleman-Turner says the most rewarding aspect of his career is helping people overcome obstacles. “What we do is hard, tiring, and takes effort to get right,” he says. “It isn’t something you can learn in an hour over coffee. It’s OK to fail. It’s not OK to give up.”

And Coleman-Turner certainly has never been one to give up. On one particular—and rather large—project, he was brought in just as things were starting to go awry. Because of his commitment to producing such quality work and his natural ability to lead, he was able to turn the project around.

Coleman-Turner joined the firm in 2014 and was promoted to Technical Lead within his first year. In 2015, he was the most frequently voted Employee of the Week in the firm’s Chicago office and also billed more than 2,000 hours, the most in the company.

As far as being named one of the Rising Stars of the Profession, Coleman-Turner says that it’s a “blessing to be considered for this award and it’s encouraging to be recognized,” he says. “I hope it brings with it even larger, more complex, and unsolvable challenges ahead.”

For Coleman-Turner, there’s little doubt that those unsolvable challenges will somehow get resolved. “I’m proud to have all my friends and family to see and share in our accomplishments, especially those whom without, I wouldn’t be here,” Coleman-Turner says. “I’m blessed to work with an entrepreneurial company like Lyons Consulting Group that puts you in control of your destiny.”

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