The Rising Stars of the Profession: David Felsenthal


David Felsenthal

Huron Consulting Group
Excellence in Leadership
Age: 34

Ask David Felsenthal, Managing Director of Huron Consulting Group, what excites him most about his job and he says the answer is easy—the ability to collaborate with new people. “We have an opportunity to constantly learn and directly translate new expertise into value for our clients. The variety of work and the relationships I have developed is the biggest reward to a career in consulting.”

To that end, he says he is most proud of the number of organizations that he’s been able to work with across a diverse set of business challenges. “Because of the number of organizations I’ve engaged with throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with many people both internally at Huron and externally with our clients and it is always a great sense of pride to see people that I have worked with go on to do exciting things within their own careers.”

Ask him why he’s been successful so far and he’ll point to two factors: “The first being the people with whom I have had an opportunity to learn from throughout my career,” he says. “The second surrounds the opportunity to work with a startup consulting firm and participate first-hand in the transformation from a new, privately held startup transitioning to a mid-size public firm.”

Felsenthal says just being a candidate for the award is a tremendous honor, let alone winning among such an accomplished group of individuals.

“This award means a lot to me especially the recognition after many years of hard work,” says. “I am proud to represent Huron, an organization with a clear mission and strong leadership that provides our consultants such an amazing opportunity to make a difference for the clients we service.”

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