The Rising Stars of the Profession: Danielle Jarosz


Danielle Jarosz

Excellence in Retail
Age: 28

For more than two years, Danielle Jarosz has been designing and implementing a retail rental module for a $250 million subsidiary of a major retail music company. The application will be a first of its kind and a critical component of their business when it goes live this spring. Jarosz architected the entire solution.

“This module will most likely set the bar for rental module platforms of the future,” she says. “Designing the module required a deep understanding of the client’s complex requirements, the design elements, managing development, testing to validate the functionality, and good communication with my client to make sure we were meeting all their requirements. Seeing it all come to life is a very proud moment for me and my team.”

Jarosz says she’s been fortunate to have had “amazing teammates who are rich in knowledge, and I’ve found you need to let your mind become a sponge and absorb as much as possible,” she says.

These types of intellectual challenges, and the opportunity to work with really smart people, she says, are what she relishes most about the profession.

“Each client is different, and the best situation for me is when I walk into a client that has very unique processes that the system can’t handle out of the box,” Jarosz says. “That’s the moment my wheels start turning, and I start designing what the system could look like for them.”

As for the award itself: “It means my hard work and efforts over the past few years have not gone unnoticed,” Jarosz says. “Professionally, I think it’s great recognition for both me and RSM, and it will help us create more positive change on a bigger scale in the retail industry.”