The Rising Stars of the Profession: Casey Baldwin

Casey BaldwinBaldwin_Casey_Cognizant

Cognizant Business Consulting
Excellence in Human Resources
Age: 33

Casey Baldwin is a Senior Manager with Cognizant Business Consulting. He joined the firm in 2012. His deep knowledge of complex business transformation issues has made him a trusted advisor with our most significant clients where he has led a team of seven consultants providing change management solutions in areas such as: stakeholder engagement, communications strategy and training in execution of systems enhancement across multiple divisions of a large healthcare company.

“In professional services, the solution to a difficult problem is table stakes,” Baldwin says. “The service component of our jobs is what separates the good from the adequate.”

Ask him what excites him most about his consulting career and he’ll say “the opportunity to constantly see new industries, functions, and challenges—and then add those experiences to my bag of tools to take to the next client.”

Baldwin has emerged as a leader on Cognizant’s global Organizational Change Management team and recently managed the largest change management project for the company.

He says that simply being considered a peer of the men and women he works with and deeply respects is what he considers his greatest achievement.

“Every time I can act as a sounding board when they are working through their challenges, just as I go to them for help when I need another perspective,” he says. “I’ve had great coaching. Mentors who taught me how to do good work, but also explained the purpose and context behind what we do.”

As far as being named one of the Rising Stars of the Profession, Baldwin says it is “gratifying to know that I have the support and confidence of my leadership team.”