The Rising Stars of the Profession: Ashley Cuevas


Ashley Cuevas

Excellence in Leadership
Age: 32

A few years ago, Ashley Cuevas, a Director with Protiviti, was tasked with starting a committee to recognize the firm’s people. The structure and mission was largely undefined, and even the name “People Committee” provided little description for what the tasks would involve.

“In a short amount of time, we were able to not only define and accomplish our goal of improving the way we recognize our organization’s people, but also lay a framework to ensure this was a repeatable process,” Cuevas says. “The results of that committee are now a permanent part of our local office culture, including a monthly newsletter and highly anticipated annual employee events.”

Cuevas says she is also proud to be a part of a team responsible for training Protiviti’s interns. “As a former Protiviti intern myself, it is extremely rewarding to spend a week each summer teaching them what I have learned in the ten years since I was in their shoes.”

Cuevas attributes a great deal of her success thus far to the people that surround her. “I credit my advisors and mentors that have coached me and helped develop my confidence, my teams that support and motivate me, and my sponsors that helped place me in leadership roles within my organization.”

As far as her consulting career, Cuevas says the most exciting thing about consulting is the constantly changing environment and new opportunities for growth every day. “Every project presents its own unique challenges, which I consider a new chance to learn and further develop my skillset,” she says. “Since no project is ever exactly the same, this also gives me an opening to use my creativity while helping to solve our clients’ problems.”