The Rising Stars of the Profession: Amy Gennarini


Amy Gennarini

Excellence in Leadership
Age: 34

Amy Gennarini has been involved in some extraordinarily daunting and profoundly satisfying engagements, she says, but what she’s most proud of is what she’s been able to deliver to the colleagues on her teams.

“All the great things about consulting also make it very hard for a person to achieve personal goals—both inside and outside of work,” she says. “So I am most proud of working with my team members, not just in solving our clients’ challenges, but in helping them address the challenges each faces to achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Gennarini, a Principal with EY, says she received some sage advice to never work on Fridays. “I was a Manager at EY when I was given this insightful viewpoint and, at the time, I didn’t fully understand it,” she says. “What I soon realized was that, if I was doing too much day-to-day work on a Friday, it kept me from reflecting on the week’s achievements and planning how to build on them in the next week.”

It must be working. During her 12-year career at EY, she has rapidly moved up from entry-level consultant to a top-level performer, innovator and leader.

“Consulting is a tough job—from the long, stressful hours to the need to be dynamic—it requires a lot of focus and dedication,” she says “But there is always a problem to solve, and it is the duress of that journey that makes it all the more exciting when I can decipher a specific nuance at a client that leads to the perfectly customized solution. I believe the biggest factor to my success has been my ability to add value to my clients through successful delivery of business-transforming solutions. I firmly believe that my client’s success defines my success.”

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