The 2016 Rising Stars of the Profession


We’re happy to report that the future of consulting is strong.

Don’t believe us? Well, we can prove it. And we will. In consulting, everyone knows the firm with the best talent wins. Well, we’d like to alter that old adage just a bit. What’s better than talent? Young talent, of course. So, the firm with the best young talent wins.

And from where we sit, the consulting profession has young talent, in spades! That’s because this next generation of consultants is different. They’re thrilled to be consultants; and they’re thrilled to be part of a team doing amazing client work. But don’t think you can pigeonhole them into a predetermined definition of what it means to work at a consulting firm. They’re not going to stay put for the next two decades. Some will, and that’s great! But most won’t.

Many will leave their firm, and others will leave the consulting profession altogether. This generation has blazed its own trail. And they’ll continue to do so. They will make their own rules. They will find new and innovative ways to serve clients and improve their firms. They will redefine what it means to be a consultant. They will upset the apple cart. They won’t settle for the status quo. And we’ll all be better because of it.

They are, in a word, redefining the consulting profession.


The 2016 Rising Stars if the Profession

Casey Baldwin

Maulik Bhegat

Richard Caplin

Alicia Chin

Derrick Coleman-Turner

Derek Connell

Lynne Coviello

Ashley Cuevas

Matthew Curren

Sam Dawes

Jamie Eckert

David Felsenthal

Adam Fernandes

Julia Fung

Garan Geist

Amy Gennarini

Mike Hannon

Kyle Hanofee

Emily Harte

Jeff Henry

Anja Holovac

Danielle Jarosz

Andrew Kadar

Arjun Kalra

Lydia Lichtenberger

Behrad Mahdi

Madhu Mathew

Swarnika Mehta

Claire Pedersen Patel

Samantha Price

Michael Retter

Anichya Shah

Jeremy Williams

James Young

Michael Vincent Yusingbo