The 2016 Seven Small Jewels

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.35.34 AMEconomic growth, as we’ve seen since the first of the year, can no longer be taken for granted.

Any growth is good growth and typically, the consulting profession has outpaced other industries.

And, year in and year out, the Seven Small Jewels have far outperformed the overall profession. This year, our winning firms grew revenue at an astounding 66 percent. And, they’re projecting 42 percent growth this year.

Interestingly, each year the growth outpaces what must be conservative forecasting. Their stories are unique, yet there’s a common thread that runs through them all. Each “David” has carved out a very lucrative niche to topple many “Goliaths.”

We also highlight this year’s Seven To Watch—firms that are indeed very impressive, but aren’t quite ready to be named one of the Seven Small Jewels. But stay tuned.

Seven Small Jewels


Acquis Consulting Group

DayBlink Consulting

Eagle Hill Consulting

FluidEdge Consulting

Lyons Consulting Group

Verity Consulting


Seven to Watch