The 2016 Seven Small Jewels: Seven to Watch

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With the number of nominations we receive for just seven spots, many very good firms were left on the outside looking in. Several of these firms stood out in the eyes of our editorial selection committee, but for one reason or another, didn’t quite make the final cut. Rather, they made our Seven to Watch list for 2016 so we, and you, can keep an eye on them this year and in the future. Stay tuned.

1. Arc Aspicio

Arc Aspicio is an IT and management consultancy that focuses on homeland security and intelligence. The services include strategy and planning, business architecture, strategic communications, mission/technology alignment, information technology, and program management. In 2015, the firm was named as Consulting’s 20th Fastest Growing Firm. Last year, the firm grew 37 percent. In 2016, the company is projecting upwards of 40 percent growth.

2. Dynamic Pro, Inc.

Dynamic Pro brings together a group of committed professionals who share an enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. In doing so, the firm combines Fortune 500 experience with the dedication and commitment of a small company. Dynamic Pro is driven to ensure the success of its customers and its employees. DPI’s management team are all former large company executives, however, the firm still has a “start up” mentality. The firm reported 58 percent growth this year and is projecting nearly 100 percent growth in 2016.

3. Enovation Partners

Enovation Partners is a strategy firm focused on innovation in distributed energy, renewables and natural gas. The exponential growth of distributed energy and related technologies and the disruptive effects of innovation in renewables and natural gas are changing the economics of the energy industry. Enovation Partners was launched in 2013 to develop growth opportunities and capitalize on emerging technologies, which are shaping the future of the energy industry. The firm grew 90 percent last year and is projecting another 67 percent in 2016.

4. Impact Makers

Impact Makers is a Richmond, Va.-based management and IT consulting firm. Founded in 2006, Impact Makers competes head-to-head for contracts in the highly competitive professional services consulting world, and wins its fair share based on superior competence and performance. There is one critical difference: Impact Makers is a for profit Virginia benefit corporation that is committed to helping members of the community by contributing 100 percent of its net profits to charities over the life of the company.

5. T. White Parker

T. White Parker was formally launched in 2009 as a full-service consulting firm serving both private and public sector organizations. Built on a solid foundation of a demonstrated competence, commitment to impeccable quality, and passionate client service, T. White Parker is making its mark on the industry. The firm was listed as the No. 34 ranked firm on Consulting magazine’s Fastest Growing Firms list in 2015. T. White Parker is projecting some 54 percent growth for 2016.

6. Xpio Health

Xpio Health is a boutique consulting firm located in Washington State. Xpio Health’s focus is technology for Behavioral Health. The firm is a recognized expert on EHR implementation and Meaningful Use as it applies to Behavioral Health, and has helped numerous clinics, mental health agencies, and psychiatric hospitals and primary care hospitals. In 2015, Xpio Health grew some 150 percent in 2015 and shoots to grow another 100 percent in 2016.

7. Thought Ensemble

Although small, Thought Ensemble has some healthy growth under its belt and the Denver, Colo.-based firm is planning on more. The firm posted 62 percent growth in 2015 and is targeting another 70 percent growth in 2016. Through technology decision-making, methodology improvements, organizational transformations and strategic planning, the firm helps business and technology executives achieve their goals.