The 2016 Seven Small Jewels: DayBlink Consulting


Michael Wong, CEO and Managing Director of DayBlink Consulting, has over seventeen years of strategy and execution-based consulting experience. Wong, who has spent time at several consulting firms, including IBM, says “something struck me as broken in the consulting industry. I love consulting but I wanted to fix some of the challenges with the consulting model. I looked for a firm to join that would address those issues, but found none, so I launched my own firm.”

Wong founded DayBlink in April of 2013 with what he calls “the unwavering commitment to create an organization that attracts the best and brightest consultants and entrepreneurs.”

In not quite three years, it appears he’s well on his way to achieving that goal.

“We want to be a disruptor in the consulting space; that’s the ultimate goal of DayBlink Consulting,” Wong says. “Consulting hasn’t really changed since Arthur D. Little founded a firm based on accounting practices back in 1886. We are looking to not only change the model, but to disrupt it.”

Well, if 100 percent revenue growth is considered disruptive, then so far so good. DayBlink grew a shade under 100 percent in 2015, and is projecting more than 100 percent growth this year to finish 2016 at $10 million in revenue. That growth represents both organic and an acquisition or two along the way. By the end of the year, DayBlink will have some 65 employees.

Wong says DayBlink actually pulled back its growth artificially. Last year was all about hardening the organization, spending time and resources on everything from migrating to a better payroll solution to improving the firm’s overall benefits packages.

Typically, the firm hires people who aren’t looking for jobs, so we’ve brought on two full-time senior recruiters to find the type of people we need to be successful. Wong identifies those people as “A performers” from big, well-established consulting brands. “Our growth strategy is to identify practitioners who have done it the right way, taken the long view and have a personal brand that comes with them to DayBlink,” Wong says. “If you get the right people, the clients will come.”

Wong says the firm is looking to expand to new geographies and is currently in conversations to establish an office in Calgary, Canada. An office in Europe, most likely Ireland, will follow soon after.

DayBlink aspires to be recognized as one of the best consulting firms to work for as well as for a progressive approach to integrating consulting with investment opportunities, he says.

Its long-range mission, Wong says, is to provide an environment that enables leaders to deliver excellent advisory services; think and act entrepreneurially, and give back to our communities in a meaningful manner.

To that end, Wong says DayBlink is more than a consulting firm. In addition, it’s growing a venture capital practice called DayBlink Ventures, which provides the platform to partner with early-stage companies poised for rapid growth and success.

“By empowering our team with profits from our successful ventures, DayBlink Foundation can provide the platform to drive important social projects we’re passionate about,” he says. “This ecosystem allows us to get the best consultants by offering ways to grow outside of consulting.”


Headquarters: McLean, Va.

Additional Offices: N.A.

Service Lines: Operations Management, Information Technology, Strategy

Client Industries: Communications, Insurance, Retail

Billable Consultants 2014: 21 2015: 31 2016: 65 (projected)

Revenue (in millions) 2014: $2.5 2015: $4.9 2016: $10 (projected)