The 2016 Seven Small Jewels: Acquis Consulting Group

Sara Kerens, Acquis, 2013 Sara Kerens, Acquis, 2013

With a 1998 launch date, Acquis Consulting Group is the oldest of this year’s Seven Small Jewels.

Since its inception, Co-Founder and Managing Partner David Kaufman has put people first.

“When we founded Acquis Consulting Group we set about creating an extraordinary work environment,” Kaufman says. “The original idea behind Acquis was to have a firm where we could have a different type of environment and where we’d treat people differently than they are treated at other firms. What I’ve liked best has been the opportunity to hire an exceptional group of people.”

Doug Locke, an Acquis Partner says the people are the source of unique expertise and why firm leadership designed a home that inspires the curious mind. “The care of our people and culture is our highest priority,” Locke says. “Acquis is home to a group of best-in-class consultants who are passionate about the firm, the roles and clients we serve, and realizing value from our shared efforts.”

And, in working together we can advance towards greater success for everyone, Locke says. “We put our clients first in everything we do, followed closely behind by the needs, growth, and happiness of our own consultant team.”

Locke says Acquis believes strategy is nothing without execution. “That is why we get close to our clients, learn their business, and develop solutions that serve them best,” he says. “Our clients rely on us as an advisor and an ally. We help our clients think about their business in new and creative ways and work alongside them every step of the way to embrace the change necessary to drive growth.”

Acquis is driving growth for clients, for sure, but it’s also driving its own growth. “We’ve always had profitable years and never had to lay anyone off even during the down years and the last few years we really took off,” Kaufman says. “We’ve doubled in size and are still holding strong to our core philosophy of people first.”

Kaufman says that with the increased growth comes an increased focus on the culture. “We already have a bunch of programs in place to address the culture, but we’ve increased the number of interactions with all of our employees,” he says. “Our culture satisfaction scores actually went up at the end of 2015 so we still feel that we’re heading in a good direction.”

Even more impressive when you consider Acquis grew 70 percent last year and is poised to grow another 50 percent in 2016—much higher than the firm’s traditional growth.

So, is it sustainable? Kaufman says he doesn’t anticipate keeping up those types of growth rates long term. With about 24 percent growth year over year—which is pretty conservative, he says—Acquis should be a 180-person firm and about $50 million in revenue by 2020.

“That 2020 vision growth goal is very achievable and right in our wheelhouse,” Locke says. “We’ve been the summation of a few growth curves. We have some practice areas that are picking up in velocity.”

And Kaufman says about 78 percent of the 2015 business came from clients the firm was working with in 2014. “We certainly see that continuing over the next several years,” he says. “Clients know us and they know what we can do.”


Headquarters: New York

Additional Offices: Parsippany, NJ; San Francisco, Calif; Manila, Philippines

Service Lines: Operations Management, Information Technology, Strategy, Financial Consulting

Client Industries: Healthcare, High Tech, Manufacturing, Bio Tech

Billable Consultants:
2014: 48
2015: 72
2016: 96 (projected)

Revenue (in millions):
2014: $10
2015: $17
2016: $24 (projected)