The 2016 Executive Outlook: Teresa Bozzelli

Sapient Bozzelli

Sapient Government Services Teresa Bozzelli President

Consulting: As we close out 2015, where is your firm today?

Bozzelli: This year was transformational for Sapient Government Services, as we’ve begun to collaborate with the world’s leading digital agencies through our acquisition with Publicis Groupe in early 2015. The Publicis family includes over 70,000 people across the globe, further positioning Sapient Government Services as the leader in digital transformation for the public sector. In addition to Sapient’s deep-rooted reputation of excellence in digital solutions, we are now able to seamlessly combine efforts with new family members to lead the way in strategy, creativity and technology for global public sector and nonprofit organizations.

Consulting: How would you describe your firm’s outlook for 2016?

Bozzelli: Looking to 2016, public sector organizations will begin to fully embrace a new reality—the need for constant digital transformation driven by the increasing pace of change within the digitally disrupted world. In the same way that leading commercial organizations have adapted to constant and agile enterprise transformation in order to stay on the leading edge of innovation, we’re predicting a shift from a multi-year cycle to a more ongoing focus in an effort to stay at pace with citizen-as-a-consumer demands. Sapient will focus on core market areas that have the largest impact in the public sector. We are forecasting a year of substantial growth with supporting organizational changes to meet the needs of organizations in health, federal, nonprofit and education.

Consulting: How do you see the profession evolving in 2016?

Bozzelli: In 2016, consumers and providers alike will begin to understand “consulting” differently: as more of an integrated partnership model that connects strategic efforts of all sizes to a larger effort of digital-focused enterprise transformation. As this happens, traditional connotations around the word “consulting” are fading. At Sapient we’ve seen the demand grow for well-integrated advisory and execution expertise that converge around an increased need for creative solutions to industry-wide problems.

Consulting: What do you see as the biggest opportunities in 2016?

Bozzelli: Leveraging our 25 year history rooted in marketing and technology, coupled with global agency expertise from across Sapient, Sapient Government Services is primed with multidisciplinary teams fueled with the knowledge of the landscape and a forward-thinking understanding of the shape of our digital future.

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