The Fastest Growing Firms, 2015: Society Consulting


Society Consulting

Rank: #21
Revenue Growth: 147%

Society Consulting delivers service in business intelligence built on a blend of custom-developed methods related to digital analytics, data strategy, data visualization, and the engineering of enterprise-grade platforms. “We integrate the latest technology platforms with solid business intelligence, and a team of experienced consultants to turn your Operations, Analytics, and Big Data challenges into stellar customer experiences,” says Chad Richeson, CEO of Society Consulting. “We employ a high degree of business acumen to deliver solutions that make a measurable business impact. We see much more of a partnership-oriented approach with our clients that is built on a long-term relationship of mutual trust and shared goals.”

This approach has been tested in over 150 organizations and propelled the firm to not only become one of the fastest growing companies, but also one of the best places to work, he says. With 147 percent revenue growth, the firm is ranked at No. 21 on the Fastest Growing Firms list. Richeson sat down with Consulting to discuss Society Consutling’s performance.

Consulting: What were the main factors that contributed to your exceptional growth rate?

Richeson: Many corporations are increasing spend on analytics and data management, and as an analytics consultancy Society has benefited greatly from this trend. In particular, Society’s focus on digital marketing and customer experience has afforded it the chance to grow quickly in one of the market’s fastest-growing segments.

Consulting: How is 2015 shaping up for your firm?

Richeson: Growth continues to be strong in marketing analytics. Our client list more than doubled in 2015. Our biggest challenge is expanding quickly enough to keep up with client demand. Hiring the right talent and instilling our unique methodologies takes time, and our objective is to grow as fast as possible without diluting quality of delivery.

Consulting: How would you describe your firm’s outlook for 2016? Where do you see the most opportunities?

Richeson: We are seeing a strong trend towards analytics managed services. A sizable percentage of our clients hire us to implement analytics platforms, and then retain us to operate these platforms and generate analytical insights on an ongoing basis. We built our workforce specifically for these types of multi-phased engagements, and thus this trend is a tremendous opportunity for us.

Consulting: What do you see as the biggest challenges in 2016?

Richeson: Finding and developing talent is high on every consulting company’s list. But beyond the constant challenge of finding great people is our desire to keep our culture unique and compelling as we grow. Our goal is to maintain what makes Society a great place to work, while incorporating the local flavor of each market. We’re finding that as we grow each new market adds to the diversity and character of our culture, and makes it stronger.

Consulting: What does being a Fastest Growing Firm mean to you, your employees and your clients?

Richeson: Society is honored to be recognized at the national level by Consulting magazine. We owe our growth to the fantastic work delivered by each of our employees, and share this recognition with them. We also appreciate the high trust placed in us by our clients, and the great partnership we enjoy with each one of them.