The Fastest Growing Firms, 2015: MorganFranklin Consulting


MorganFranklin Consulting

Rank: #42
Revenue Growth: 48%

MorganFranklin Consulting is a strategy and execution-focused business consulting firm and professional advisor, providing strategic thinking and hands-on support to help public companies, private companies and government clients manage growth and maximize performance.

MorganFranklin’s solutions always consider the key connections between finance and accounting, operations, technology, and risk-connections that are critical to success, says C.E. Andrews, CEO of MorganFranklin.

With 48 percent growth, the firm lands at No. 42 on our list of Fastest Growing Firms. Andrews sat down recently with Consulting to discuss the firm’s performance.

Consulting: What were the main factors that contributed to your exceptional growth?

Andrews: In short, our exceptional growth between 2011 and 2014 was a direct result of the skill and tenacity of our people combined with a continual investment in client relationships. We have deepened our relationships across our Growth, Enterprise, and Public Sector Markets, and you can see the results in our growing geographic footprint. By the close of 2014, we extended our national reach to serve clients in more than 20 states from coast to coast. In December 2012, we divested our National Security Solutions business unit to SRA International and, just a few months later, I had the pleasure of stepping in as CEO. These changes set the stage for long-term growth, as the firm focused solely on maturing the consulting side of our business.

Consulting: How is 2015 shaping up for your firm?

Andrews: That momentum continued into 2015 and we have experienced additional growth working with both longtime and new clients on projects across all of our solution areas. We have also seen exciting changes in our physical locations. In September, we opened a new Southeast Regional Office in Atlanta, enabling us to better serve our growing customer base in the region. And just this week, we relocated the MorganFranklin headquarters to Tysons Tower just outside Washington, D.C.

Consulting: How would you describe your outlook for 2016?

Andrews: In 2016 and beyond, MorganFranklin will continue to focus on delivering value to clients nationwide by applying our nimble, hands-on approach. Our firm’s outlook includes continued growth and an ever-expanding footprint as we branch out to serve new clients and industries in the Growth, Enterprise, and Public Sector Markets. I am optimistic that the next five years will bring additional geographic expansion to serve our increasingly diverse client base.

Consulting: What do you see as the biggest challenges in 2016?

Andrews: I am confident that 2016 will keep pace with the exceptional success of past years. With growth comes change, and we recognize that one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for continued success revolves around maintaining our unique brand and culture that have made us who we are today.

Consulting: What does being a Fastest Growing Firm mean to your firm, your employees, and your clients?

Andrews: We are extremely honored to appear on Consulting magazine’s 2015 Fastest Growing Firms list and to be recognized for investing wisely in strategic decisions centered on developing our people and delivering valuable solutions to our clients. The feedback we receive from our clients is tremendous and we thank them for trusting our firm to grow with their organizations.

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