The Fastest Growing Firms, 2015: Coalfire Systems

Coalfire Systems

Rank: #15
Revenue Growth: 188%

Coalfire is the global technology leader in cyber risk management and compliance services for enterprises and government organizations. Coalfire’s professionals are renowned for their technical expertise and unbiased assessments and recommendations, says Suzanne Kernes Dawe, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications for Coalfire Systems.

“Coalfire’s approach builds on successful, long-term relationships with clients to achieve multiple compliance objectives tied to a long-term strategy to prevent security breaches and data theft,” Dawe says. “Coalfire remains a pioneer in cyber risk management solutions.”

With impressive 188 percent revenue growth, Coalfire Systems lands at No. 15 on our Fastest Growing Firms list. Dawe sat down with Consulting to discuss the firm, its growth and its future.

Consulting: What were the main factors that contributed to your exceptional growth? 

Dawe: This growth is driven by how seriously organizations are now taking cybersecurity and our ongoing focus on the successes of our clients, partners and employees. As cybersecurity has become a more board-level conversation, Coalfire has tailored its risk advisory services to provide clear, actionable guidance on what companies need to do to meet and exceed their compliance needs.

Consulting: How is 2015 shaping up for your firm?

Dawe: 2015 is shaping up to be as good—if not better—than previous years. Earlier this year Coalfire secured a significant round of funding from the Carlyle Group and the Chertoff Group which will help drive its global expansion, with the hope of doubling the company’s market share by 2017.

Consulting: How would you describe your firm’s outlook for 2016? Where do you see the most opportunities?

Dawe: The greatest opportunities for us are in cyber risk advisory across a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services and education, among others. With more companies now proactively managing cybersecurity to address risks before they become serious cyber events, there is a great need for advisory services and solutions to provide the education necessary for building a robust plan. Additionally, with the funding we received earlier this year, Coalfire’s outlook for 2016 is positive, we see continued growth in both our workforce and revenues. Consequently, Coalfire expects to double its workforce by the end of 2016.

Consulting: What do you see as the biggest challenges for your firm in 2016? 

Dawe: The biggest challenges for Coalfire in 2016 will be to keep up with the demands of the markets we serve. Specifically, attracting and retaining top talent. The cybersecurity industry is rapidly growing, and the need for quality talent will continue to rise as more and more companies escalate cyber-risk to the highest levels of corporate governance.

Consulting: What does being named one of Consulting’s Fastest Growing Firms mean to your firm, your employees and your clients?

Dawe: Coalfire Systems is proud to be named to Consulting’s Fastest Growing Firms list. This listing validates our recent successes and current position as one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies.

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