The 2015 Women Leaders in Consulting: Lauren Stark


Lauren Stark

Client Service Lead
Slalom Consulting
Future leader Award

Lauren Stark’s consulting career began the way many others have before —by chance. During her senior year at Boston College, her roommate invited her to dinner with her mentor, an Accenture consulting partner from the Boston office. “I was fascinated with her stories about working with clients across the globe and helping them solve problems to improve their business,” she says.

Stark remembers thinking to herself, “Hey! This consulting profession sounds like something I would enjoy.” It happened that Accenture was looking for college graduates from all backgrounds, including her undergraduate business school degree in Marketing, so she applied and began her career in consulting with Accenture in Atlanta.

Not too long after, in 2010, Stark joined Slalom and created the first organized women’s networking group in Atlanta to connect, inspire and engage Slalom women. In 2012, she led the effort to unite local Slalom women’s networking groups across offices by forming a national identity and a central forum for local markets to grow, share and collaborate more effectively.

Today, Stark serves as client service lead to The Coca-Cola Company for Slalom. She is passionate about growing and leading teams to solve complex business problems.

“I love to seize opportunities to solve challenges, build community and make a difference. This is what gets me excited each and every day. The opportunities to make an impact both within Slalom and for our clients are vast,” Stark says. “I’ve been able to formalize Slalom Atlanta’s women’s networking group, create new programs for collaboration and lead teams to solve our clients’ most interesting business problems.”

She is also dedicated to furthering community for the consultants on her account by ensuring they feel connected and supported to be successful. She has created several programs to elicit new perspectives and creative approaches to problem solving, including innovation dinners for her account. Stark’s clients have recognized her talent for connecting executives and corresponding business objectives across complex, global organizations and her natural ability at creating trusting relationships.

“I’m most proud of the relationships I’ve built—both personally and professionally,” she says. “On a professional level, I’ve had the pleasure to work with clients across functions from HR to IT to Marketing, and the strong relationships I’ve formed make the work so worthwhile.”

On a personal note, she says, she is fortunate to be able to spend time every single day with her husband, who recently transitioned as an active duty Air Force pilot. “We’ve both made a lot of sacrifices over the years to be able to now live together in Atlanta.”

The two are expecting their first child in the Spring.

And what’s the best advice she’s ever received? “Bloom where you’re planted, and then reach for the next opportunity,” Stark says. “Be the best you can in your current role and give it everything you have, and then seek new challenges, roles, or paths to learn and grow.”


What does winning the Women Leaders in Consulting Award mean to you?

Lauren Stark says: “I’m very honored to be recognized by Slalom leaders for whom I have the utmost respect. This recognition also reminds me of how much I have to give – not only do I strive to continually serve and lead others every day with purpose, but I’m passionate about helping others find their own path, purpose and alignment to what they love.”

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