The 2015 Women Leaders in Consulting: Carmina Venditti


Carmina Venditti

Client Service Award

Carmina Venditti is a Partner at Capco in the wealth and investment management group and specializes in the management and delivery of complex large-scale wealth management strategy and transformation initiatives.

But it wasn’t always that way. Prior to Capco, Venditti worked at TD Bank Financial Group. During the last five years of her career at TD Bank, Venditti had the opportunity to lead a number of transformational initiatives, from the design and implementation of new service offerings to the creation of centers of excellence for commoditized functions to realize operational efficiencies.

“It was during this time I realized my passion as a change agent and embarked on my transformation journey with Capco,” she says. “I have accumulated an immense amount of knowledge through my 30-plus years in the financial and consulting industry, and yet I wake up every day with a new set of challenges that need to be solved, many of which haven’t been encountered before.”

With more than 30 years of experience in wealth management, private banking, investment services, Venditti has extensive experience helping Tier 1 firms transform their business through operations optimization & efficiency realization.

“I have the opportunity to continuously push the boundaries and work with clients’ to radically shape the ever-changing landscape of financial services to solve the future challenges our customers are facing,” she says.

Ask her about her greatest personal or professional achievement and she’ll say her two “brilliant boys who are just getting started in carving their career paths.”

Professionally, “becoming a partner at Capco and doing what I love every day is a small win that I celebrate,” Venditti says.

Mistakes don’t result in failure, they result in knowledge, she says. “That was one piece of advice that stuck with me which gave me the courage to push the boundaries,” Venditti says. “Everyone has failed at some point, even in highly important circumstances but inherent in this is a portal to discovery. Perfection is not synonymous with success, but failure has been a breeding ground for the successful.”

As far as winning the award, Venditti says “I am so honored to be recognized by this award and excited about celebrating this prestigious award with exceptional women who have made a difference in the industry,” Venditti says.

“I work in consulting because of my strong passion to develop innovative solutions for clients that I work closely with, and to be recognized for something I have dedicated over a decade is a validation of my career purpose.”


What advice would you give to a female consultant just beginning her career?

Carmina Venditti says: “I think the biggest piece of advice I would say is to become familiar with the offerings and solutions of a prospective or current employer, and develop an area of expertise that you are really passionate about. You want to build an internal database regarding the industry you are pursuing, what challenges they are facing, and start acquiring the skills needed to create forward thinking solutions. Ultimately, this comes from a curious mind who is willing to learn and take on challenges, and naturally the confidence and recognition as a trusted advisor will follow.”

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