The 2015 Social & Community Investment Awards: Sapient Government Services

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Firm: Sapient Government Services
Type of Work: Pro Bono
Client: No Greater Sacrifice

Founded in 2008, No Greater Sacrifice (NGS) is focused on serving the children of our nation’s fallen and wounded service members. As a nonprofit, NGS needed to create brand awareness in the donor community and define a strategic direction. So they reached out to Sapient Government Services for help. From organizational strategy to web and mobile design to business consulting, Sapient has supported NGS on a pro-bono basis for over five years.

No Greater Sacrifice (NGS) began with a mission to provide scholarships and other educational opportunities to the children of Service members either fallen or wounded in the line of duty, says Rebekah Lovorn, Executive Director of No Greater Sacrifice.

As a nonprofit startup, NGS needed to create brand awareness in the donor community, establish themselves as key partners with like-minded organizations, and define a strategic direction, says Lovorn. So NGS partnered with Sapient in 2010 to help them achieve an even greater impact. The Sapient team began by creating a brand identity and a better website.

From there, Sapient continued to provide website maintenance and high-level support to help the nonprofit better establish themselves as a respected leader in veteran education, Teresa Bozzelli, President of Sapient Government Services.

Bozzelli says Sapient forms partnerships by caring about what its clients and community care about and NGS is something that it cares deeply about. “We don’t just partner on transactions, we partner on a shared vision, and it was so easy to share the vision of NGS,” she says. “Our partnership with NGS started with an organization that was still trying to figure out what it meant to grow up.

We have helped them reach an ability where they’ve not only been able to sustain their mission but they’ve elevated their value of what they’re doing for these individuals who find themselves trying to navigate their future. I think our partnership has helped them thrive in their mission, rather than just survive. And we’re very proud of that.”

As a result of its successes, NGS gained enough recognition to attract some of the nonprofit world’s top minds to a veteran education workshop in Washington, D.C. Bringing together more than 25 organizations, Sapient thought leaders produced a white paper, Imagining Collective Impact—Improving Education Opportunities for Military Families.

“Without Sapient, the last six years simply would not have been possible,” Lovorn says. “They’ve been our arms, our legs, our feet, and our hands on this journey. None of it would be possible with them.”

Sapient also partnered with NGS to help produce their Freedom’s Future report, a comprehensive analysis that details the $1.6 billion that is required to provide these resources and services. “We sat to think about impact—what would it cost to educate the children of our fallen service members? And what would be the value to the economy and world if we do educate them?” Bozzelli says. “To tie that need to data was huge. That was one of my proudest moments of the team coming together.”

Bozzelli says from 2010-2014, Sapient Government Services provided in-kind services in excess of $450,000 and 900 volunteer hours a year to No Greater Sacrifice. For its commitment, NGS awarded Sapient with the 2014 Freedom Award—awarded to the organization that embodies five core principles: freedom, sacrifice, community, patriotism, and esteem.

“This is not about us, it’s really helping people navigate life when they’ve been thrown an incredibly disrupting event in their life,” Bozzelli says. “And for the military families, it can help them shoulder one of their worries for the future and let them take the present for healing, whether that’s physical or mental.”