The 2015 Best Small Firms to Work For: Solstice Mobile

Solstice_Finn Solstice_Mann

4. Solstice Mobile

Headquarters: Chicago
Billable Consultants: 200
Client Industries Served: Financial Services, Consumer Products, Manufacturing
Consulting Service Lines: Information Technology

Chicago-based Solstice Mobile is back as one of the Best Small Firms to Work for the third year in a row. Marisa Mann, a Managing Director with Solstice Mobile, says it’s an honor to be listed as one of the Best Small Firms to Work For. “It’s first and foremost, a validation of our vision and principles that we have embraced from the very start; and we’re thankful for the opportunity to be highlighted for the passion and teamwork that we see in the office everyday,” Mann says. “Each employee has an active role in shaping our culture, our beliefs, and our definition of what it means to work at Solstice.”

And according to Jenny Finn, Manager of Human Resources at Solstice, it means best-in-class culture. “Some clients have walked through the doors of Solstice and have seen first-hand the culture,” Finn says. “Firm Leadership has worked hard to maintain a culture that builds community, loyalty and commitment to the firm.”

Part of that culture is buoyed, Finn says, by several Peer Recognition opportunities, such as a weekly “Awesomeness Award” that allows employees to nominate peers for above-and-beyond performance.

“At Solstice, we have a passionate and fun work environment and we’ve made sure that even as we scale, our people always come first,” Mann says. “To us, that means creating a culture that empowers continual learning and an environment that fosters innovation and creativity. We bring together servant leaders who love what they do and believe in the future of the digital, connected world. We are always reimagining how our customers work, how we work and how we can make a difference in the world around us. And we’re having some fun while doing it.”

And part of that energy and fun surrounding Solstice, Mann says, is tied to the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of mobility.

As the digital-customer experience industry evolves: “our goal is to be on the leading edge of technology so that we remain the go-to partner to build the best customer experiences, maintaining the competitive edge for our clients,” Mann says.

Q&A: The firm excelled in the areas of culture and Career Development and Culture. Why?

Jenny Finn, Manager of Human Resources for Solstice Mobile, says: “Our firm’s individual $5,000 self-directed training budget, mentor program and extensive internal peer-led training curriculum greatly support the Career Development Initiative. For a company with a heavy base of millennials in a high-growth industry, we put an emphasis on accelerated career progression. Every quarter, an employee has the opportunity to be promoted to another functional level in the firm. This provides for continued recognition of career progression, vs. a traditional annual review process. Culture is always the number one priority for us and it is one of the true passions of our CEO. We do not define culture by physical perks but through the measurement of meaningful social interactions between employees at all levels of the firm. This resonates in our recruiting and throughout an employee’s career journey at the firm.”

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