The 2015 Best Small Firms to Work For: Navigate Corporation


1. Navigate Corporation

Headquarters: Wayne, Pa.
Billable Consultants: 45
Client Industries Served: Energy & Utilities, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Distribution, Media
Consulting Service Lines: Strategy, Operations, IT

It’s turning out to be quite a year for Navigate Corporation. Earlier this year, the Wayne, Pa.-based Strategy, Operations and IT firm was named one of this publication’s Seven Small Jewels. And now, it follows that recognition with its first visit to the Best Small Firms to Work For list—as the No. 1 firm, no less.

Brian Lee, a Partner at Navigate, says being a Best Small Firm to Work For is an “honor for our team and a testament to our unique culture” and the entire firm’s hard work.

“We’ve all known that this is a great place to work and it’s wonderful to be recognized in a way that we can celebrate internally and share externally,” Lee says. “Morale at Navigate is high. We’re a team-oriented and employee-centric firm, and we make a point of recognizing and celebrating the strengths and achievements of our team as individuals and as an organization. This has been an exciting year and every person has contributed to our growth and success and shares in the excitement.”

Lee says Navigate prides itself on its culture and putting people first. “The most important part of our firm is our people and our commitment to them is to ensure that our consultants are satisfied with their work, that they’re constantly growing and developing professionally,” he says. “The creativity and collaboration that results from a talented and motivated team like ours ultimately produces better outcomes for our clients.”

And those clients include big names for a smaller firm. “For our size, it’s extremely exciting that many of the largest household names in the Philadelphia area are trusting Navigate with their strategic projects,” Lee says. “This is a testament to how we build relationships.”

On the survey, the firm excelled in several areas, finishing atop the Work/Life Balance, Compensation & Benefits, Career Development and Leadership categories.

Navigate has minimal travel with its consultants averaging less than 3 percent of nights on the road. “Being home with their families every night has a huge impact on quality of life and, in turn, quality of work and quality of relationships,” Lee says.

Meanwhile, offering generous compensation and benefits is necessary for hiring and retaining the best talent, Lee says. Every year the firm surveys employees to learn what specifically is important to them in terms of benefits and compensation, and then implements the change.

In terms of Career Development, he says Navigate “invests to ensure that professional development is top of mind” for everyone.

Navigate is also “anti-silo” and teams work across industry and service lines, Lee says. “We are careful and deliberate in assigning our consultants to different kinds of projects so that they’re constantly developing and learning. The last thing we want is for an employee to feel pigeonholed.”

Q&A: What’s your top priority over the next 12 months?

Brian Lee, a Partner at Navigate, says: “Continuing to innovate and create a different, better, type of experience for our clients and employees. For our clients, that means continuously thinking of new ways to improve and blend our service offerings and provide industry-specific knowledge and experience as we help solve complex business problems. For our employees, that means improving and expanding our office space in 2016, starting new programs like a corporate rental car account for our people that live in the city, and laying out our 2020 strategy.”