The 2015 Best Small Firms to Work For: Myrtle Consulting Group


13. Myrtle Consulting Group

Headquarters: Houston
Billable Consultants: 50
u0007Client Industries Served: Manufacturing
Consulting Service Lines: Operations Management

Another newcomer to the Best Small Firms to Work For list in 2015 is Houston-based Myrtle Consulting Group. The manufacturing and operations management firm says that inclusion as one of the “Best Small Firms to Work For” will positively impact Myrtle Consulting Group internally and externally. For current consultants, it will help advance morale and confirm the feeling that they are part of something special.

“We are a trusted partner for our clients and it is rewarding to be recognized for our dedication. Being one of the Best Small Firms helps to validate our commitment to display passion, pace and performance with every client engagement,” says Edwin Bosso, Senior Partner of Myrtle Consulting Group. “This accomplishment reinforces our company values to current and prospective clients.”

In addition to reinforcing company values, the accolade will also be a valuable recruiting tool, Bosso says. “We are able to deliver client results because we are comprised of an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals who truly enjoy working together,” he says. “As we grow, attracting and retaining top talent will continue to be a high priority for firm leadership. This award will assist in that endeavor.”

Speaking of growth, Bosso says the firm is very excited in its growth prospects and in continuing to solidify the foundation of the firm. In 2015, he says Myrtle is investing heavily in its technology platform, and in its employees training and development program.

“These investments, the client work and the effort that we are currently spending on our international expansion will continue over the next 12 months,” Bosso says. “For 2016, [we are] most excited about the opportunity to utilize its proven expertise and services to continue to partner with new clients. We have the right team to do it.”

Bosso says the morale at Myrtle can be compared to that of a professional sports team. “We are always passionate about what we do, deliver at a fast pace and produce results through enhanced performance,” he says. So it would make sense that one of the areas where Myrtle scored well on the survey was Client Engagement. “Myrtle excels in Client Engagement because it goes above and beyond to develop a keen understanding of clients and their needs.”

“Our consultants work side-by-side with the client on the production floor driving change and delivering results. Clients see us as part of their team,” he says. “Similarly, Myrtle has cultivated culture similar to how we treat our clients. Myrtle is willing to do anything for our clients, and we are also willing to do anything for each other. You don’t find that in many companies.”

Q&A: What’s unique about your firm?

Edwin Bosso, Senior Partner of Myrtle Consulting Group, says: “Consistent delivery of passion, pace and performance is our competitive advantage, and our execution is unique. Myrtle has built a deployment model that is both flexible and adaptable. With our internal team, transparency and inclusiveness also sets us apart. The executive team frequently holds company-wide meetings where financial information is shared with all employees, including revenue, projections and upcoming investments. This gives the team, which is often geographically dispersed in client engagements, an opportunity to understand how the company is performing and what’s on the horizon. This candor provides consultants assurance that the leadership team is committed to company and client success.”


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