The 2015 Best Small Firms to Work For: KPMG



Headquarters: New York
Billable Consultants: 162,000 (total employees)
Client Industries Served: Various
Consulting Service Lines: All

Each year, it seems, the Best Firms to Work For survey is highlighted by a firm that’s making its debut. More times than not, that firm sneaks on the list in the teens, but not this year’s most-notable newcomer. In 2015, that honor goes to KPMG, which not only bursts on the Best Firms scene for the first time, but does so in dramatic fashion among the top half of the survey at No. 7.

“Being a “Best Firm to Work For” helps KPMG attract and retain the best talent and deliver great results for our clients,” says Carl Carande, Vice Chair of Advisory, KPMG.

“We believe that our employees’ deep sense of purpose, extraordinary talents and hard work, as well as our culture of high performance, innovation and inclusion are at the heart of what makes KPMG a great place to build a career,” he says. “Additionally, this type of recognition is based directly on feedback from our professionals so it makes it especially satisfying.”

Carande also credits KPMG’s purpose-driven culture, which it highlighted recently through its “Higher Purpose” campaign, asking people to share their stories about the greater good, or “higher purpose” of their work. “We had people describe revitalizing villages in Africa, advancing scientific research in the Antarctic, ensuring excavated minerals are ‘conflict free’ and mined without the use of child labor, and helping to ensure that families have access to affordable healthcare,” Carande says. “People feel that the work they are doing makes a difference—a fully engaged and motivated team creates an environment where our people want to stay with the firm.”

And it’s those professionals, Carande says, that truly differentiate KPMG from its competitors. “Our priority is our people, and I think our professionals feel that. We have the best teams in the marketplace who understand and can proactively respond to our clients’ increased demand for multi-dimensional solutions to solve today’s unique and complex business challenges,” he says. “Our people and our clients will always be our top priority.”

The firm is committed to continuing to focus on being the “Employer of Choice” by attracting and retaining top talent, Carande says. “We continuously look for ways to improve upon our work environment where people feel that they are a priority, and where they want to come, stay, and build a career,’ he says. “We are extremely optimistic about the future, and we know that there are going to be greater challenges and bigger opportunities ahead in the marketplace.”

Q&A: KPMG excelled in Compensation & Benefits and Career Development. Why?

Carl Carande, Vice Chair of Advisory for KPMG, says: “We understand that there is a ‘war for talent’ in the marketplace. Services are becoming more specialized and are in greater demand, so are the people who can execute those jobs. In order to attract and retain these employees, we know that we need to have a competitive compensation package, but it’s more than that. We think we do a good job of understanding our employees’ goals and aspirations—in fact, we recently made some adjustments and improvements in our benefits offerings because we make it a priority to ensure that our people are well taken care of at work and in their lives outside of work. Added to our continual focus of professional growth we are confident that the positive trends noted in this year’s survey will continue.”

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