The 2015 Best Small Firms to Work For: Insight Sourcing Group


9. Insight Sourcing Group

Headquarters: Atlanta
Billable Consultants: 43
Client Industries Served: Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Products and Private Equity
Consulting Service Lines: Strategy

Jake Wojcik, Senior Vice President of Insight Sourcing Group, says 2015 has been an incredible year for the firm. “Not only have we recently signed some big name clients, but we have also received several prestigious awards.”

In addition to being named one of Consulting magazine’s Best Small Firms to Work For, Wojcik says, the firm has been recognized with several other accolades, including: a top boutique consulting firm, a top small workplace and a fastest-growing private company by media outlets.

“For our firm, this award continues to reflect the value of what we’re doing for our clients,” Wojcik says. “For our employees, it excites people more than they already are about what our firm is able to accomplish. And for our leadership, being a Best Small Firm to Work For reinforces the direction that we have taken as a business and enables us to position ourselves in a way that is more appealing to both customers and employees.”

This marks the third consecutive year that Insight Sourcing Group has been one of the Best Small Firms to Work For. Wojcik says being one of the Best Small Firms is, in part, due to a new Work/Life Balance initiative the firm implemented in 2013.

“The Work/Life Balance initiative ensures that the values and processes that employees care about are constantly at the forefront of how we go about our business,” he says. “We solicit employee input multiple times a year through an annual survey and our 360 input mechanism about what can be improved at both an individual level and as a team.”

On the survey, the firm excelled in the areas of: Leadership, where the firm finished fourth, and Career Development where the firm finished sixth.

“We have an outstanding leadership team which has put the firm in a position to succeed. We recognize that the most important asset is the people, and we have worked hard to hire and retain the best people possible,” he says. “Our goal is to be very open with the direction that the firm is headed, and we welcome input from everyone, including entry-level employees.”

Regarding Career Development, Wojcik says: “Our firm is able to offer very personalized career counseling and development,” he says. “We have a career development handbook that clearly lays out the requirements needed to move to the next level, but those ‘requirements’ are also flexible enough so you can mold them to meet your personal career goals.”

Looking ahead, Wojcik says the top priority is to continue working towards becoming the premier firm and thought leader in the procurement space. “When people think of procurement strategy, we want them to think of us,” he says. “We also want to grow but not sacrifice any of the cultural ideals that have made Insight Sourcing Group a special place to work.”

Q&A: What’s unique about your firm?

Jake Wojcik, Senior Vice President of Insight Sourcing Group, says: “Several things make us unique: our focus and success in creating a true work/life balance, the strength and importance we place on culture, and the extremely low level of turnover. Each individual in our firm is committed and invested in supporting firm-wide goals and initiatives rather than individual accomplishments. What sets us apart is the focus of the work that we do and the expertise that we bring to the table, the flexibility in how we work with our clients, and the abilities of junior resources to effectively build relationships and interact with client personally.”

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