The 2015 Best Small Firms to Work For: Infinitive


15. Infinitive

Headquarters: Ashburn, Va.
Billable Consultants: 90+
u0007Client Industries Served: Virtually All
Consulting Service Lines: Operations Management

Infinitive has been one of the Best Small Firms to Work For six of the last seven years, with 2013 being the exception. Being recognized as a Best Small Firm has always been a tremendous point of pride for Infinitive, says Denis McFarlane, CEO of Infinitive.

“Making this list is a great validation of the strong work we do for our clients and the environment we have created,” he says. “We regularly have candidates and clients mention the Best Small Firms to Work For award and appreciate that it has helped build the Infinitive brand and is a source of confidence and pride for the people who work here.”

McFarlane says the firm has experienced a lot of growth and change over the past couple years, which at times, he admits has created ups and downs for morale as tweaks have occurred in culture or process, but people are “excited to be here and excited to be a part of the great company we continue to build.”

Part of that build for 2016 and beyond, McFarlane says, is continuing to bolster its European presence.

And overall, “the rate of change for our clients seems to always be accelerating,” he says. “And there are many great opportunities for both Infinitive and our clients to pursue so it’s hard not be excited about the next year.”

Specifically, he says, the firm continues to be excited about what’s happening in digital advertising and digital marketing and feels “we are poised to do well there.”

More inwardly focused, McFarlane says Infinitive is always “fanatically focused” on building and maintaining a great culture where people can thrive professionally and enjoy their work. “Our core values have been key to our culture and reflect the culture we are striving for,” he says. “We assess candidates against those values during the hiring process and continue to assess ‘Infinitivians’ against them once they are on the team.”

In fact, Culture was one of the categories where the firm excelled on the survey.

“Maintaining our culture has always been Infinitive’s highest priority. Infinitivians love our culture… it’s why they came to Infinitive and it’s why they stay,” he says. “So, it’s imperative that we nurture the thing Infinitivians value most. Culture is incorporated into the interview process, the performance management process, and regularly into meeting agendas. Our culture is what sets us apart for our consultants and our clients, it’s valuable to both our people and our business.”

Meanwhile, the firm also excelled in the area of Work/Life Balance, something that doesn’t surprise McFarlane since the two aspects of firm life are more similar than they may appear. “Creating a work-life balance where our people can be happy, uninhibited by excessive red tape, and encouraged to thrive is part of Infinitive culture,” he says. “So the two really go hand in hand.”

Q&A: What’s unique about Infinitive? What sets it apart from other firms?

Denis McFarlane, CEO of Infinitive, says: “What makes Infinitive unique is that we have struck an ideal balance between meeting the needs and expectations of our clients—delivering great people and solutions—and the expectations and needs of our ‘Infinitivians.’ This balance is key to our success as a business. You will never hear “clients always come first” at Infinitive.  Rather, we must always balance the needs of our clients and our Infinitivians.”

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