The 2015 Best Small Firms to Work For: Caiman Consulting


11. Caiman Consulting

Headquarters: Redmond, Wash.
Billable Consultants: 55
Client Industries Served: Virtually All
Consulting Service Lines: Multi-Service

Ben Brown, Senior Manager & Senior Consultant at Caiman Consulting, says being one of the Best Small Firms to Work For validates Caiman’s “professional philosophy of providing a high-quality, professional, and rewarding environment without the bureaucracy and cultural stagnation often found inside large consulting firms. It’s a point of pride for our leadership team and current employees, as well as a valuable third-party endorsement for our recruiting efforts.”

Ask Brown what’s unique about the firm and he’ll say that “although Caiman is small in headcount, many of our people are strategic thinkers and resourceful problem solvers,” he says. This has enabled Caiman to compete and win against firms many times its size, he says. “We also have a client base that regularly acts like a fan base—consistently vouching for us and providing strong references and referrals to keep new business coming through the door.”

And why not? Brown says Caiman is a fun place to work and morale is organically strong because it comes from each person’s own perception, not a managerial initiative. “We hire carefully and let our people know we trust their judgment and respect their roles,” he says. “We offer them support when they need it, have an open door policy throughout the company, and consistently acknowledge and thank them for their contributions through public award presentations, cash bonuses, and social events. This creates a culture of respect where goodwill is presumed and problems are easy to raise and solve.”

The top priority for Caiman this year, Brown says, is diversification of the client base and growth across multiple regions in the United States. “Our continued growth within our anchor accounts has allowed us to invest more in business development and we are setting our sights on continuing to grow in the hotbeds of technology throughout the country,” he says.

Brown says that we are at the forefront of some significant changes that are going to impact the way people live and conduct business for years to come. “Assisting our clients in developing business models and monetization strategies in long term growth areas like cloud, mobility, and data analytics excite us the most.”

Q&A: The firm excelled in the areas of Work/Life Balance and Client Engagement. Why?

Ben Brown, Senior Manager & Senior Consultant at Caiman Consulting, says: “The work/life balance comes from the trust we put in our people. We don’t micromanage how they use their time because they are accountable professionals who know what it takes to get the job done the right way. If they work late to finish a project plan on Tuesday, they might take Wednesday afternoon off to attend their kid’s recital or soccer game. We work very closely with our clients to ensure this approach aligns with their requirements and work schedules as well to ensure their needs are met and they have the right skills in place to successfully complete the project. For Client Engagement it’s likely our visceral commitment to their satisfaction. Our people genuinely care about doing the job right and making our clients happy. We take interest in them as people. We smile often, listen carefully, and never leave them wondering what’s happening. Problem solving is part of our job and we consistently perform with courtesy, respect, and professionalism.”

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