The 2015 Best Firms to Work For: The Profession's Top Consultancies

Make it two years and counting for The Boston Consulting Group as the No. 1 firm in our annual Best Firms to Work For survey. Overall, survey results indicate satisfaction levels are up for firm employees, according to most categories the survey measures, with the Culture and Compensation & Benefits categories serving as the only exceptions.

One of the best aspects of our Best Firms to Work For survey is the comprehensive snapshot it provides of the profession.

This year, that’s a pretty interesting snapshot as overall scores increased from 2014. Overall, scores increased in four of the six categories—Career Development, Work/Life Balance, Leadership and Client Engagement. The Leadership and Client Engagement scores are higher than they’ve been at any point over the last five years. Meanwhile, Compensation & Benefits dipped slightly year on year, while the Culture category saw the biggest drop in 2015. Check out the chart at the bottom of page 8 for the full story and to make year-over-year comparisons from 2011 to 2015.

From an individual firm perspective, The Boston Consulting Group is back for the second straight year atop the Best Firms to Work For ranking. KPMG and Collaborative Consulting are 2015′s newcomers.

1. The Boston Consulting Group 2. Slalom Consulting 3. West Monroe Partners 4. Carlisle & Gallagher 5. CapTech 6. A.T. Kearney 7. KPMG 8. Collaborative Consulting 9. McGladrey 10. PwC 11. North Highland 12. EY 13. Kurt Salmon 14. Protiviti 15. Huron Consulting Group

The 2015 Best Small Firms to Work For

This marks the eighth year that Consulting has ranked the Best Small Firms to Work For. This year, Wayne, Pa.-based Navigate Corporation makes its debut on the list—at No. 1! Mainstays Meridian Compensation Partners, Cask and Solstice Mobile round out the Top 4, while another newcomer—Liberty Advisor Group—settles in at No. 5.

1. Navigate Corporation 2. Meridian Compensation Partners 3. Cask 4. Solstice Mobile 5. Liberty Advisor Group 6. Impact Advisors 7. Systems Evolution Inc. 8. BlueLine Associates 9. Insight Sourcing Group 10. Caiman Consulting 11. IBB Consulting 12. Vynamic 13. Myrtle Consulting Group 14. Propeller 15. Infinitive