The 2015 Best Firms to Work For: PwC


10. PwC

Headquarters: New York
Billable Consultants: 195,000
Client Industries Served: Virtually all
Consulting Service Lines: Multi-Service

It’s seven years and running for PwC on Consulting Magazine’s Best Firms to Work For list, something that’s a source of great pride for PwC, according to Miles Everson, U.S. Advisory leader, PwC.

“We truly believe that our people are at the heart of our success, which is why we strive to create opportunities and experiences that keep our people engaged and inspired every day. And that aspiration is captured in our brand promise—the PwC Experience—which we believe influences our ability to deliver value, integrity and quality of service to our clients, the communities in which we serve, and to each other,” Everson says.

He says morale has never been higher and he has the metrics to prove it. “Each year, we ask our employees to participate in our Global People Survey, which includes an Engagement Index that measures the pride, advocacy, commitment and overall satisfaction of our people. This year’s results tell us that morale has never been higher.”

And that’s so important, Everson says, because the firm recognizes that our greatest asset is our people. “In order to attract the best and brightest in our profession, we have to provide our people with extraordinary opportunities. Our environment is both collaborative and collegial—and in delivering on the PwC Experience, we provide our people with more than just financial rewards,” he says. “We’re always looking for ways to improve the PwC Experience so that the skills, insights and connections our people develop are career defining, wherever their careers may take them.”

As far as what lies ahead, Everson says he is most excited about the firm’s commitment to innovation. “We are living in a time where creativity and out of the box thinking are the most sought-after skillsets because they are crucial to solving important problems. Innovation is a differentiated way to engage and disrupt the market and it shows no signs of slowing down,” he says.

“That excites me because it means we have an opportunity to grow our teams, tap into talent on a different scale, and create new opportunities to do even greater things for our clients. With this significant pace of change and progressions, we have the chance to reshape the market and contribute in ways we haven’t to date.”

On the survey, PwC excelled in the area of Leadership. Everson says at its heart, PwC is grounded in the principle that each employee should feel that they have the support and the opportunities to grow their careers in their own way. “This is a tone that is set from the top and embraced by our people through teamwork and collaboration,” Everson says. “Our PwC leadership understands that in order for our people to deliver great experiences for our clients, we need to provide a similar experience here at the firm.”

Q&A: What’s your top priority over the next 12 months?

Miles Everson, U.S. Advisory leader, PwC, says: “Over the next 12 months, we are asking our people to focus on deepening client relationships and to differentiate PwC by bringing our full strategy through execution capabilities to bear. We aim to better understand what our clients’ most pressing business imperatives are so that we can deliver even greater value to them. In our view, it’s one thing to be able to deliver on a client’s ask, but it’s another to enhance that relationship and deliver beyond their expectations. It’s a tall order, but a top priority for us—as much as it provides value to our clients, it provides extraordinary opportunity for our people.”

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