The 2015 Best Firms to Work For: Protiviti


14. Protiviti

Headquarters: Menlo Park, Calif.
Billable Consultants: 3,000+
u0007Client Industries Served: Financial Services; Healthcare & Life Sciences; Consumer Products & Retail; Energy; Manufacturing/Industrial Products; Technology, Media & Communications; Government; and Private Equity
Consulting Service Lines: Multi-Service

After making its Best Firms to Work For debut last year at No. 15, Menlo Park, Calif.-based Protiviti is back for a second year, moving up a spot to No. 14 on the Best Firms list.

“Being recognized as a Best Firm to Work For reinforces all the great work our people are doing every day with their colleagues, with our clients, and in our communities,” says Joseph Tarantino, President & CEO of Protiviti. “Maintaining our place on the list will be one of our ongoing strategic objectives.”

With Protiviti’s growth over the past few years, that’s easier said than done. “We have been working hard to make sure that we don’t lose our special culture, Tarantino says. “Our initiatives tend to focus on helping our people build connections and relationships with each other. Whether we are doing community service, onboarding new employees, conducting simulation-based training, or attending meetings, each of those is an opportunity for us to showcase our best differentiation—our people.”

And Best Firms to Work For is just one more step in the right direction. “External recognitions of this magnitude are an energizer in Protiviti. It affirms to our most recent hires that they have made a great decision,” Tarantino says.

“To our more tenured employees, this recognition acknowledges all their work to make Protiviti a great place to work. And to our clients, I believe the recognition will make our clients proud for being associated with a firm that cares for and values its people.”

Tarantino says the top priority over the next 12 months is growing the business while maintaining the culture that gives the firm its special edge with both our people and our clients. “The demand for our services is the strongest we have seen in recent years, and we remain optimistic about the prospect for continued growth of our business,” he says. “We serve clients in critical areas that are undergoing massive change and scrutiny such as risk and compliance, internal audit and controls, information security and technology, business transformation and IPOs. These areas will be top of mind for business executives for a long time.”

So it’s certainly no surprise that Tarantino says employee morale at Protiviti is very high.

“Some of that comes from the strong business results, but more importantly, morale is high because our people feel empowered to work together to make things happen for our clients,” he says. “The world is evolving fast and in interesting ways, and our people find themselves working together in the middle of all that change—helping our clients manage their businesses.

Q&A: What’s unique about your firm?

Joseph Tarantino, President & CEO, says: “Our focus on frequent, open communications has built a lot of trust over the years. We also have a leadership team around the world that is very accessible to our people, and our people tap into those relationships to offer their ideas, get guidance, and ask questions. And we listen to our employees—proactively asking for their feedback and using their input to set our strategic agenda. As a global firm, we bring all of our Managing Directors together regularly to discuss the firm’s strategy and business objectives. Since they all know each other, this creates a very consistent leadership tone across the organization.”

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