The 2015 Best Firms to Work For: Huron Consulting Group


15. Huron Consulting Group

Headquarters: Chicago
Billable Consultants: 1,841
Client Industries Served: Healthcare, Higher Education, Life Sciences, Legal, and others
Consulting Service Lines: Strategy, Operations Management, IT

It’s five years running for Huron Consulting Group and the Best Firms to Work For survey. Jim Roth, Huron’s CEO, says being named a Best Firm to Work For generates a huge amount of pride among Huron’s people. “It is an external validation that what we are doing is working and working well, and it reinforces that we are a well-respected and vibrant organization,” he says. “Our clients benefit from this too as we bring an engaged workforce to support their needs and initiatives.”

Roth believes the primary differentiator—and what’s kept the firm a mainstay on the Best Firms to Work For list—is its internal culture. “Our focus on collaboration, respect, and community involvement has created an environment that is highly energetic and entrepreneurial,” Roth says. “I have always indicated to our investors that this internal culture is our most important asset.”

Boosting that culture are Huron employee resource teams, known as iMatter teams, which are formed by employee volunteers. “These teams connect individuals across the company with a focus on common values and interests, and create a greater sense of community within a growing firm,” Roth says. “This initiative has also helped to greatly enhance Huron’s diversity and inclusion efforts.”

Roth says that morale is soaring right now at the Chicago-based firm. “Our success in the marketplace is a direct result of a satisfied and engaged workforce,” he says. “Our people know that the work they are doing helps our clients effectively address some of the most pressing issues faced today in healthcare providers, universities, and many other private and public enterprises.”

Internally, Huron’s atmosphere of collaboration, trust, and respect creates the kind of environment that people enjoy working in, Roth says. “The ongoing investments we make in training, professional development, and work/life balance support careers as well as the lives of our people, which in turn allow them to provide the highest quality service to our clients,” he says. “We work very hard to maintain our commitment to these principles.”

It also doesn’t hurt, of course, that Huron has been in a serious growth mode of late. “Our priority is to continue attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent, which will better position us for growth and enable us to further foster our company culture,” Roth says. “All of the markets we serve are continuing to undergo unprecedented change.”

And as the market leader in many of its industries, Roth says Huron is uniquely positioned to partner with clients to deal with those changes. “I look forward to continued growth in each of our businesses while maintaining an internal culture that will provide an opportunity for us to be the best firm to work for yet again in 2016.”

Q&A: The firm excelled in Compensation & Benefits and Client Engagement. Why?

Jim Roth, CEO of Huron Consulting Group, says: “It’s gratifying to know that we rank highly on these two dimensions because we believe it demonstrates that our people enjoy the work they do for our clients and feel they are treated fairly from a compensation and benefits standpoint. We have targeted these areas as primary ways to attract and retain top talent as we focus on our employees’ professional and personal success, from partnering with our clients in our day-to-day work to our robust work/life balance programs.”

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