The 2015 Best Firms to Work For: Collaborative Consulting


8. Collaborative Consulting

Headquarters: Burlington, Mass.
Billable Consultants: 264
Client Industries Served: Financial Services, Life Sciences, Public Sector, Insurance, Education, Retail, Publishing, High Tech
Consulting Service Lines:
Strategy, Operations Management

Collaborative Consulting, a Burlington, Mass.-based strategy and operations management firm, makes an impressive debut at No. 8 to this year’s Best Firms to Work For ranking.

“Being recognized nationally as one of the best consulting firms to work for shows the marketplace what we already knew: Collaborative Consulting is a dynamic and fulfilling place to be,” says William C. Robichaud Sr., Founder, President & CEO of Collaborative Consulting.

“Going back to when I founded Collaborative 16 years ago, my goal has been, simply put, to create a better consulting company, which included hiring the best and the brightest consultants, providing our prospective clients with optimal service, and, most importantly, making Collaborative a place people want to work.”

Robichaud says being recognized for something like this is very rewarding on a personal level. “This [award] is something I truly value, and have strove to achieve from Day 1. I know how much effort the leadership team has put into making Collaborative the best work environment possible, and make this become a reality,” he says.

A big part of that success, he says, is the philosophy of only hiring SWANs—people who are smart, work hard, are ambitious and nice. “Nice is important; this reflects not only how we work as a team but with our clients, too,” Robichaud says.

Of course, the firm also looks for a breadth and depth of technical and industry expertise —Collaborative’s average consultant brings 15 to 20 years of experience—but also values the intangibles. “What’s your attitude? What are your business ethics? We lean on these pillars strongly throughout the hiring process.”

Another part of the reason for the Best Firms award, Robichaud says, is due to the fact that Collaborative sustains a high level of employee satisfaction and retention. “We foster an environment that is highly communicative and, yes, collaborative,” he says. “Many of our employees say our positive workplace is mostly due to the high-level of transparency we maintain throughout the organization.”

Of course, having the best revenue quarter in the company’s history doesn’t hurt either. “Our 90 percent plus track record for repeat business is no accident, Robichaud says.

Through the years, the firm’s defined and redefined its service areas and approach, he says.

To that end, he says the firm recently restructured to optimize and streamline client engagement. “First, we brought Sales and CSM together on one team, which gives the firm a more unified, consistent approach to managing customer relationships across the entire organization.”

Secondly, after three years of having the Collaborative Domestic Solution Center up and running, “we’ve been able to improve and optimize our delivery approach by allowing it to operate as one cohesive unit under our VP of Client Delivery Services.”

Q&A: What’s your top priority over the next 12 months?

William C. Robichaud Sr., Founder, President & CEO of Collaborative Consulting, says: “Collaborative will continue to focus on increasing our service differentiation.  Equally as important, we will continue to service our existing client-base and expand into new areas within it. We have several multi-million dollar global corporations on our roster, and we’d like to touch more segments of their businesses. In keeping with our company direction, we’re opportunistically looking to evaluate potential acquisitions or strategic partnerships to expand into new service areas and industries.”

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