Case Study: Slalom's App helps Charter Communications Go Mobile

When Charter Communications wanted to make its content available on mobile, Slalom Consulting helped create an app that changed the way its customers watch TV. The average American watches more than four hours of live TV a day, though not necessarily on a standard living room television set. Viewing trends, led by millennials, are shifting to include more non-traditional screens, including mobile devices.

The Problem

In response to this shift, Charter Communications is adapting its traditional video model to make its content available on mobile devices—meeting customers on their terms while delivering a consistent customer experience across all Charter platforms. Charter’s vision for mobile aligns with where the broader television industry is headed.

The Solution

Designing for a broad audience of users, from a four-year-old to a frequent business traveler, demands intuitive, easy to use interfaces that allow for managing DVR content, browsing listings, or watching live TV. Today’s market is challenging cable companies to rethink both the user and the customer experience, says Ben Dunton, lead Slalom architect on the project. Having the user experience be paramount was essential to the development of the Charter TV app, he says. Slalom’s Greg Martin, solution architect on the project, built a functioning native iOS app demo in two weeks, with a focus on getting the content to the user as fast as possible.

The Result

The successful prototype helped Charter see something tangible and paved the way for collaboration on Charter’s mobile apps for multiple platforms. Charter now has native mobile apps for iOS (both iPad and iPhone), Android (both tablet and phone), and Kindle. Now Users can live-stream up to 150 channels and choose between thousands of On Demand titles and TV listings. The apps allow customers to turn their mobile device into a TV … or a remote.

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