McKinsey Acquires Design Firm Lunar

McKinsey & Company acquired a Lunar, a 30-year-old S.F.-based design firm to create “a groundbreaking proposition for the integration of business strategy and design,” according to John Edson, President of Lunar.


Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Lunar announced the acquisition on its web site. McKinsey has not, and generally does not, comment on such acquisitions.

Lunar will keep its name and continue to take on new business while operating out of its locations in San Francisco, Chicago, Munich and Hong Kong.

“This news is only the latest evidence that design is an essential ingredient, approach, and result for businesses that regularly deliver outstanding products and services—not to mention lasting customer relationships,” Edson says. “Superlative design and development talent is the bridge that links strategy to the real world—identifying, envisioning and delivering opportunities and impact with tangible solutions.”


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