Top 25 Consultants 2015: Tom Hulsebosch

Tom Hulsebosch
West Monroe Partners
Excellence in Energy


Tom Hulsebosch is a member of the management team of West Monroe Partners, where he leads the firm’s Energy & Utilities and Sustainability practices and serves on the Board of Managers and is the executive sponsor of West Monroe’s Innovation Network. He is a 25-year veteran of the utility, ISP and wireless telecommunication industries, with extensive experience creating and delivering solutions for utilities, enterprises, public safety agencies, and service providers.

“I’ve seen our Energy & Utilities practice mature from helping utilities with their business case for the smart grid to actually assisting them through that transformation and realizing the benefits,” Hulsebosch says. “The Smart-grid transformation process is extremely disruptive for utilities as it impacts all departments and processes. It changes the way they deliver services, and interact with consumers, monitor their systems, and even how they are regulated. In the past year, we have delivered successful utility transformations for some of the largest and some of the most innovative utilities in the country. To have been part of this the past year has been very rewarding.”

And much of that success can be attributed, he says, to the team they have built at West Monroe Partners, where the firm embraces the concept of Career Equity, where each person is responsible for their career and has a plan to achieve their goals.

“The best part of Career Equity is where we help our associates achieve their goals and objectives, which many times go beyond their professional goals,” he says. “This commitment to each other’s individual success creates a support system that has enabled us to have great team success.”

As a result, he says, the Energy & Utilities team includes people at all levels of experience, from new college graduates to those toward the end of their professional careers. “It is not easy, but we’re all in sync on what we need to do to be successful for our client and for each other,” Hulsebosch says. “This teamwork creates a situation where the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts.

“At WMP, it is all about our clients and our people and we have been successful in keeping them front and center in all that we do,” he says.

What motivates you to excel?

“When I started with West Monroe Partners in 2007, I had two of my family members serving in the Middle East. Politics aside, this made me think a lot about what I could do to help decrease our country’s dependence on foreign oil. At the same time, utility automation was becoming a hot topic, and I knew that was an area I could make a difference with utilities. I felt that a well-architected smart grid roadmap could help with some of the key areas that could decrease our dependence on foreign oil. This passion helped shaped my thinking as I began to build the Energy & Utilities team and strategy at WMP and bring together the right blend of industry, IT, and telecommunications skills to deliver new types of smart grid solutions. We are seeing this focus translate into tangible savings for our clients, and that is certainly very motivating. My personal motivation and passion for energy independence and a strong energy economy is what really drives me every day.”

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