Top 25 Consultants 2015: Todd Hollowell

Todd Hollowell
Impact Advisors
Excellence in Healthcare


Todd Hollowell is the Chief Operating Officer at Impact Advisors, where he joined as a member of the executive management team in 2007 when the firm was founded.

Hollowell has more than 20 years of healthcare information technology experience, and currently oversees the business operations at Impact Advisors, but he spends the majority of his time assisting provider organizations, including academic medical centers, community and pediatric hospitals, and integrated delivery networks, with strategic and technology initiatives.

In more than two decades in the space, Hollowell has seen plenty of change but noted that the pace of change has accelerated lately, noting that the constantly changing dynamics in healthcare can be the most challenging, yet the most enjoyable aspect of his job.

“This past year was somewhat volatile in the healthcare information technology space, and many provider organizations looked to re-prioritize technology investments,” he says. “We, as a collaborative leadership group, proactively managed our firm to meet those ever-changing market demands. We planned for slightly slower growth; we continued to deliver exceptional, valued services to our clients; we re-engineered our services and capabilities to better meet our clients’ changing needs; and, maybe most importantly, we maintained our culture of caring for and supporting our associates.”

In fact, Hollowell says he is motivated by helping both clients and Impact Advisors’ associates attain their goals. To that end, he serves as a coach for several associates, and tries to help position them for success. “It is very satisfying to watch them grow and meet their objectives,” he says. “Additionally, making sure our teams are providing the best quality outcomes for our clients is not only our constant goal, but it is what collectively drives all of us.”

But at the end of the day, it’s the client work that provides the most satisfaction, he says.

“I am most proud knowing that much of the work that we have done has made a significant impact to peoples’ lives,” Hollowell says. “In my opinion, the healthcare sector is the best sector in which to practice our craft, primarily because our work can tangibly improve our customers—patients, families, care givers, etc.— experiences and results.”

And serving the healthcare industry is not only a noble opportunity, but it is incredibly rewarding for anyone lucky enough to work in the sector, he says. “Whether seen or not, much of what we do can significantly improve healthcare delivery, and therefore, patients’ outcomes,” Hollowell says.

What’s the biggest factor to your success? 

“I cannot narrow it down to one factor.  I think two things stand out.  First and foremost, I’ve been fortunate to have good mentors since starting in the consulting sector over 23 years ago.  These were true mentors that led by example and honestly valued my success. The other factor that leads to my and our all of our Associates’ continued success is our focus on maintaining relevance to our clients.  We are “practitioner lead” meaning that all of us spend a significant amount of time doing what we love…helping our clients each and every day… regardless of

our title, role, or position within the firm.”

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