Top 25 Consultants 2015: TJ Campbell

TJ Campbell
Excellence in Client Service 

TJ Campbell

TJ Campbell has been a partner at Capco for six years. During his tenure he has held multiple positions including Head of North American Sales and Marketing, Leader of the North American Financial Institutions portfolio, Global Client Partner and most recently Capco North America’s “People Champion” where he is focused on employee engagement, leadership development and inclusion and diversity.

It’s this role of People Champion that Campbell points to when asked about his most important accomplishments over the last few years. “Taking on a new role in addition to my client work I am also focusing on our people—from a people engagement perspective a leadership development perspective and an inclusion and diversity view,” he says.

Of course, Campbell spends the majority of his time with clients, co-managing one of Capco’s largest client portfolios.

“We always try to approach a client conversation with a strong point of view. While the ultimate ‘answer’ may well vary from our going in position I believe our savvy clients are looking for more thought leadership and new approaches to addressing challenges,” Campbell says. “I’ve always been one to try to take on the challenges that have long odds. I enjoy opening new business and creating lasting client relationships.”

But Campbell says he realizes that none of the client successes would be possible without his Capco colleagues, crediting them as the biggest factor to his success so far. “I work with people far smarter than me,” he says. “I’m proud of the relationships I’ve developed with colleagues across the firm, at all levels, watching our people develop over time is a true pleasure.”

And, as People Champion, it’s certainly no surprise that watching those people develop is a source of great pride for Campbell. “Knowing my work can have a significant impact on the careers of our clients and our people,” motivates him to excel he says.

Campbell has over 15 years’ experience in management and technology consulting services, Campbell is recognized for his leadership in managing large financial services clients, while delivering critical engagement work.

So, when it comes to the consulting profession and what he enjoys about the work he does day in and day out, Campbell says: “The constant surprises. No two days are exactly alike, and there is never a lack of work to be done.”

What does winning the Top 25 Award mean to you, your firm and your clients?

“For me it is about validation that the work we do on a daily basis is making an impact, for Capco it means that while we are continuing our massive growth we continue to put our client focus at the top of everything we do, and for our clients hopefully it validates they have made the right decision to work with us.”

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