Top 25 Consultants 2015: Thomas Mataconis

Thomas Mataconis 
Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group
Excellence in Financial Services 

Tom Mataconis

Tom Mataconis is Senior Vice President, Consulting for Carlisle & Gallagher with a 25-year track record of providing lending and business/ IT transformation expertise where he is at the forefront of developing the firm’s industry practice expertise and new client relationships. His contributions in these areas have contributed significantly to CG’s growth and success.

Since joining the firm in 2011, Mataconis has established thriving practices and thought leadership in virtually every area relevant to CG’s clients across retail and commercial banking, wealth management and insurance. “The systems we’ve put in place over the last 12 months have empowered employees to dig deep into what we have to offer and create unique and sophisticated solutions for clients,” he says. “We’ve been working hard to harness CG’s experience, best practices and consulting assets to offer clients a unique solution architecting approach.”

Mataconis says it’s been very gratifying to see the results of the firm’s efforts on multiple fronts. Employees are really stretching themselves and growing professionally in ways they never imagined.

As far as clients go, he says the firm’s never been better positioned to identify and apply the right skills and tools to solve their problems. “Now we’re even more capable of presenting the differentiated value of CG’s expertise to clients, and apply it ways that more consistently resolve their problems and deliver long-term, positive change,” he says. “I really like solving problems—especially large, complex, multi-dimensional ones. And not just the strategy side of problem solving, but the delivery aspects as well. It’s a huge challenge to bring an idea to life, to get it to work in reality and not just on paper. I definitely feed off these kinds of challenges.”

Mataconis says he believes that consulting is both a science and an art. “You can learn the science but you have to experience the art,” he says. “Helping my team develop the artistic abilities of consulting is something that really inspires me.”

The work C&G has done to improve and codify its solution architecting capabilities for clients has had a substantial impact internally, he says. “We spent a lot of time not only building the solutioning system, but also training our people to use it to its full advantage. It’s been amazing to see how this process is motivating people to really stretch themselves, to move out of their comfort zones to achieve a whole new set of goals.”

What accomplishments are you most proud of in your career?

“I’m most proud of the impact I’ve had on both on my clients and my teams over the years. For much of my career, I’ve been part of the largest business transformation projects in the industry—projects that have a profound effect on organizations and their people. To lead a successful project of that scale—to have that level of positive impact on my clients, their teams, and my teams—has been incredibly rewarding. I feel the same way about the impact I’ve been able to have on the people with whom I’ve worked. Mentoring kids straight out of college to experienced industry folks making the transition to consulting, I’ve taken great satisfaction and joy helping people grow and excel in their careers.”

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