Top 25 Consultants 2015: Steve King

Steve King
Point B
Excellence in Leadership


Steve King is the Practice Director for Point B’s Southern California Practice where he provides strategic direction for the advancement of the Southern California practice, leads associate development, and oversees client delivery excellence.

As an eight-year veteran of the firm, King has been a key figure in the rapid growth of the market. King joined Point B in 2007 with a proven track record of leading organizations and projects in the high tech, media and entertainment, industrial and automotive sectors.

Prior to Point B, King worked at International Rectifier, iSuppli Corporation and Accenture.

“Over my career I’m most proud of the organizations I’ve helped build. I’ve been fortunate to play key roles in launching two client organizations as well as two businesses as an employee, from start up to successful ongoing operations,” King says. “In that process, I’ve been able to create new businesses and help support the careers of some truly outstanding colleagues.”

King says his consulting work is heavily influenced by his operational leadership background in industry. That experience has helped him appreciate the importance of speed—the need to move quickly in the interest of repeated incremental progress,” he says. “I have an understanding of what it’s like to stick around and run a business after the consulting team is gone,” King says. “Bringing that practical perspective to consulting work is something that not only stands out, but truly enables both short and long term client success.”

An engineer at heart, King says he enjoys solving complex problems. “I especially enjoy a business problem with a human element, and figuring out how to make solutions stick for the long term,” Kings says. “Creating lasting positive impact is extremely satisfying.”

He says consulting provides the opportunity to work on clients’ most challenging problems, to learn from each, and then apply those solutions to new client environments where they might not otherwise be considered. “It’s a profession that is consistently challenging, where the day-to-day and week-to-week impact can be high,” King says. “It’s rewarding to be able to regularly make a difference.”

To that end, he says he’s most proud of the outcomes Point B has delivered for clients. “Over the past 12 months we’ve supported clients across a range of industries and technologies, regularly leading their most complex programs,” he says. “We’ve achieved high client satisfaction scores and enjoyed significant growth as a result, while staying true to Point B’s values and culture.”

But at the end of the day, none of it would be possible without those Point B colleagues, he says. “I believe it’s also critical that you enjoy the people you work with, so that normal days can be fun days,” King says. “And then, when things get tough and days get long, there is that strong camaraderie to fall back on.”

What does winning the Top 25 Award mean to you, your firm and your clients?

“This award is wonderful recognition for the entire team that I am privileged to lead. I can’t say enough about what the team does every day to serve and support our clients and each other, and this award recognizes that hard work and success. It’s also reflects the quality of the client teams we work alongside.”

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