Top 25 Consultants 2015: Stefan Larsson

Stefan Larsson
The Boston Consulting group
Excellence in Healthcare


What is Stefan Larsson most proud of? “The trust a large number of leading Health care organizations globally have given us at BCG to help them prepare for value-based health care,” he says.

He’s also proud of the decision to pursue the concept of VBHC as a new paradigm for the management of health care. Larsson sees three key critical parts of this: The initial decision to gather and publish solid evidence for how VBHC increases the rate of improvement of care for patients; The decision to create a platform for the establishment of global standards for health outcomes measurement by starting the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement; and, taking a system perspective on VBHC’s impact on the industry—engaging with payers, providers, pharma, medtech, patient associations and policymakers.

Larsson joined BCG in 1996 and is a Senior Partner in the Stockholm office. He is the Global Leader of BCG’s Health Care Payer and Provider sector and a member of the global Health Care leadership team.

He is also a BCG fellow and the topic leader of value-based health care—how transparency on healthcare outcomes and patient group costs will drive improvement.

Larsson has worked across all aspects of the health care industry including: broad biopharma experience, over 60 commercial health care due diligence projects, organizational transformation for a wide range of public and private organizations, and numerous strategy assignments for biotech, health care providers and medical technology companies.

Critical to his success, he says, is the decision he made nearly two decades ago to leave his intended career as a clinical scientist to join BCG. “The entrepreneurial culture of BCG, the remarkable support I have been given to pursue the idea of VBHC in combination with stubbornness, passion and a bit of fearlessness,” he says. “I try to provide clarity and logic, to motivate change and engagement. I prefer the visionary and strategic perspective and believe I have my core strength there, but can’t help still correcting typos—accuracy and attention to detail is also important to me.”

Larsson has led a large number of assignments for leading public and private healthcare providers in the Nordics. He has led a cross-industry consortium to define a healthcare outcomes strategy for Sweden. He is also Co-Founder of ICHOM—International Consortium of Health Outcomes Measurement, a not-for-profit organization for global standardization of outcomes measurement.

“Values are central to me,” Larsson says. “Health is critical to all of us and the opportunity to contribute to a change in healthcare management which engages the profession and can lead to dramatic improvement has been deeply motivating.”

What does winning the award mean to you, your firm and your clients?

“To me the award is primarily a recognition of the support BCG has given me to develop perspective on Value based Health care. For the firm this is a recognition of our position as the leader in management consulting and for our clients, a confirmation that they have chosen the right advisors and could use even more of our services.”

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