Top 25 Consultants 2015: Nathan Brewer

Nathan Brewer
Excellence in Public Sector


From the very beginning of his career, Nathan Brewer, Vice President, Public Sector for Sapient, has worked to shift paradigms in the consulting environment. As one of the first employees in Sapient’s Government Services business unit, he was challenged to help profitably operate a government consultancy within the context of a global commercial firm. As a leader in the business, he helped grow Sapient’s government practice to nearly 500 employees, and its revenue by over $50 million.

Later, looking for innovative ways to expand the firm’s portfolio, Brewer began to explore the ways creative social change takes place in the world, and how consulting companies can play a constructive role in that change. To that end, he started Sapient’s dedicated nonprofit practice, and today, still leads the practice.

When launching Sapient’s dedicated Nonprofit Practice, the key, he says, was to nail the philosophical underpinnings of the practice: “To help organizations engaged in constructive social change find and amplify their reason for being.” With that understanding as a foundation, working with the team to develop the business plan and to start executing it was still a challenge, but one made much easier by the earlier thought work, he says.

“I am proud of the continued success of Sapient’s Nonprofit Practice, which I founded over four years ago with several other colleagues,” Brewer says. “The practice has emerged from its startup days and has turned into a viable business for Sapient. The impact of the work for our global NGO and nonprofit clients is inspiring and rewarding, and is a great extension of Sapient’s Public Sector mission to serve those who serve others.”

Brewer started his consulting career 16 years ago at Sapient, at the ground level. From assisting with catering orders to helping clients while they were in the office, he says he had an incredible view from the ground up into aspects of the business and industry that taught his what exceptional client service was really all about.

“This fundamentally changed the course of my life, and I’m very grateful for it,” he says. “Progressing into a client role and, ultimately, into my role today—one of the leaders of Sapient’s Government Services team and its longest-serving member—is something I’m incredibly proud of.”

As far as the recognition that comes with being named a Top 25 Consultant, Brewer says the award “affirms what we’ve been doing for so many years: we’re not following any other consulting firm’s path, but rather, pursuing our own vision of exceptional client service. We believe in what we are doing, and that helps us deliver value for our clients on every engagement,” he says.

What stands out the most about the work you do?

“Great consulting is built on great teams, and that is really what stands out about the work we do: our team-based approach. We are a company of ideas and collaboration—not individuals. That translates into how we partner with our clients to work through their biggest challenges together. What catches many people off-guard when they first work with us is that on our teams, the best idea is valued—not seniority or the loudest voice.”