Top 25 Consultants 2015: Mary Tinebra

Mary Tinebra
Excellence in Client Service 


Mary Tinebra is a Senior Partner and Northeast Market Leader for Mercer where she manages a global client portfolio and brings to the table more than 30 years experience in sales leadership, professional services and P&L management.

In just the last 12 months, Tinebra’s launched a comprehensive program to grow the sales community and cross-business collaboration capabilities for Mercer’s Northeast market that has led to significant growth; worked with clients on many strategic initiatives and helped launch new programs and strategies around global rewards, change management and health care exchanges; and, joined one of the firm’s clients to conduct a professional development program for the clients of Hour Children, a charity focused on helping the children of incarcerated women.

“The event was very personally rewarding and a great way to connect with an important client and partner,” Tinebra says. “All the work we do with our clients impacts their organizations and employees in powerful ways. I feel especially proud when I can sit with key clients after we helped them launch a new strategy and we can jointly recognize our people and teams for outstanding collaboration. Client success equals personal success and it makes me feel proud of the work that I do and the great teams that I work with.”

Ask her about her key to success and she’ll say “raise your hand.” From the earliest days of her career, Tinebra says she always did just that “for challenging yet exciting stretch assignments.

From my early days in the technology industry, I enjoy building things and creating new ideas with my teams, even if it might be outside of my current comfort zone,” she says. “We each work making a difference in the health, wealth and performance of our clients’ employees. What could be more exciting than that?”

In addition, Tinebra says over the last few years, she has been glad to be part of Mercer’s increased focus on innovation as well as working with its multi-generational teams on ideas and new approaches.

“I really enjoy the diversity of our work, our people and our clients. Leading consulting teams from Portland, Maine to Wilmington, Delaware gives me a strong view of the needs of all segments of our market and pulse of our team members,” she says. “We have the smartest people in Mercer and I am proud of the work we do each and every day.”

As far as winning the Top 25 Consultants award, Tinebra says the award truly “makes me reflect on the many individuals and teams that drive the success of our firm and our market. From a Mercer view, we are always pleased and proud to see our colleagues get recognized. We are a proud and collaborative culture and I am thrilled about the support and acknowledgment from my executive team,” she says. “Most importantly, my clients will be excited as well. Their journey with Mercer has led to our great combined success.”

What motivates you to excel?

“When I excel at what I do, it enables the success and results of others in my organization. We all have a passion to find the smarter way through the intelligence and capabilities of the diverse thinkers in Mercer.”

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