Top 25 Consultants 2015: Bill Neuenfeldt

Bill Neuenfeldt
Bain & Company
Excellence in Leadership 


Bill Neuenfeldt, a 20-year veteran of Bain & Company, is a leader in the firm’s Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications and Private Equity Practices. In addition to his client responsibilities, he was Managing Partner of Bain’s New York office—one of the firm’s largest offices globally—from 2009 to 2015. Prior to that, he served as Bain’s Global Head of Consultant Recruiting.

As Managing Partner for Bain New York, Neuenfeldt oversaw all office operations including strategy, growth planning, training, professional development and management of professional teams. During his tenure, the office experienced robust growth—revenues and the number of New York-based Partners doubled, and office headcount increased some 50 percent.

“I’m incredibly proud to have worked closely with my colleagues to double both the size of our business and the number of partners in New York, making it one of Bain’s most important offices,” he says.

“Some of my most rewarding career moments have been watching individuals I have mentored and invested in over the years receive promotions and go on to tremendous success at Bain. It is wonderful to be a part of their career growth and development. I’ve also greatly enjoyed building multi-year relationships with key clients and helping them go on to outperform the competition in their respective industries.”

More recently, Neuenfeldt says he’s quite proud of the dialogue that the recent research on gender parity, which he co-developed with his colleague, Julie Coffman, has generated for women’s career ambition and success in the workplace. “In September 2014, Julie and I published the well-received report, Everyday Moments of Truth, which provides both strategic insights as well as specific tactical recommendations to help women succeed in achieving their career aspirations,” he says.

The report received extensive coverage globally and has been cited in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Forbes. It was also a panel topic at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland in January 2015.

Neuenfeldt says he is professionally motivated by a deep desire to live and deliver on the Bain mission. “At the core of this mission is creating lasting results for our clients, which help them set new standards of excellence,” he says. “At the same time, it involves fostering a Bain community of extraordinary teams that I believe represents the best working environment in the world for some of the best business talent.”

What’s the biggest factor to your success?

“First, I’ve had wonderful mentors who have invested in me throughout my career and offered sage advice and guidance. They have been absolutely integral to my professional success. Second, one of those advisors challenged me to always try to be the best listener in the room. While it is very hard to do, continually working towards that goal has helped me to learn and synthesize new and amazing things from a diverse set of brilliant people—clients and colleagues at all levels, from both similar and vastly different backgrounds. Learning to listen well is one of the most valuable pieces of professional and personal advice I’ve received.”

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