The Rising Stars of the Profession: Amanda Cox


TITLE: Director
AWARD CATEGORY: Financial Services
AGE: 34

For PwC’s Amanda Cox, it’s all about relationships. Both within PwC and with clients, Cox is someone widely known for her leadership and mentoring abilities, as well as someone who maintains relationships with clients “far beyond project completion.”

“I feel most fulfilled by the relationships I’ve built over the course of my career. When I look at the number of people that I’ve encountered over the years, from colleagues to clients, that have now become my friends, I truly feel like I’ve been making the most of my career,” she says.

Of course, when it comes to sales, Cox is no slouch. She’s managed a $2 million to $13 million sales pipeline as director within the firm’s Financial Services group since joining PwC in 2007. Her efforts have driven strategic growth initiatives for financial services leadership, including initiatives to grow the Chicago market, regulatory compliance capabilities, and vendor risk management offerings.

As for what keeps her going, Cox says the variety of challenges is what excites her most.

“The variety within consulting is what has kept me in this career pathway and is what I find most motivating. There’s always a new client, new team and/or new challenge to tackle, which keeps you on your toes with very few opportunities to become complacent,” she says.

Cox says the award recognizes the support of the firm’s senior leadership as well as all of her colleagues. “I’m honored and humbled by the award, as I know that colleagues from PwC and other consulting firms are making significant contributions to their firms, teams, and the profession more broadly. I’m proud to be representative of that group!”

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