The 2015 Rising Stars of the Profession: Michelle Dennen

Michelle Dennen
Slalom Consulting
Excellence in Retail
Age: 33

Since joining Slalom Consulting more than six years ago, Michelle Dennen has continued to advance both her career and Slalom’s business at an incredible pace.

Dennen has taken on numerous leadership roles in the firm, culminating in a promotion as the newest, and youngest, member of Slalom’s Senior Leadership Team as Client Service Partner in Retail. She has a portfolio of Retail clients that includes the largest and most influential companies in the industry.

“I work in an industry that is incredibly fast paced where as consultants we can really make a difference,” Dennen says. “There’s something so great about knowing how I’m moving the needle on the back end and the way that can delight customers on the front end by changing the way they interact with new products and technologies.”

Retailers are always trying to keep pace with customers and today’s customer is savvy, she says. “The landscape of retail is always changing which keeps me on my toes, Dennen says.

“My role in this ever-changing landscape is really fun: I get to focus on disruptive technologies, innovative products, omni-channel experiences, and building scalable processes and infrastructure all aimed at engaging, educating, and exciting customers.”

She says being recognized by Consulting magazine as a Rising Star in the Profession is a huge milestone. “For me, it is the culmination of a lot of hard work by me and my team,” she says. “Looking back over the last couple of years, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built as a retail team here in San Francisco and the work we’re doing for our clients.

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