The 2015 Rising Stars of the Profession: Katheryn DeVelvis

Katheryn DeVelvis
The Claro Group
Excellence in Financial Services
Age: 32

Katheryn DeVelvis has been a member of The Claro Group since its founding in 2005 and has risen to the role of Director at a record pace.

DeVelvis leads some of the firm’s most complex and highest profile financial consulting projects, including a project for a Fortune 50 company seeking hundreds of millions of dollars from the government in a multi-stage recovery action.

“As consultants, we are driven by our clients’ needs, which means our roles are constantly adapting,” she says. “There is a steady stream of new clients and new problems to solve—some fall squarely in our expertise, and some challenge us and require us to learn and grow quickly. For me, this is a great combination of unpredictability and intellectually stimulating, challenging work.”

Everyone defines success in a different way, DeVelvis says, whether it’s title, pay, work/life balance, fulfilling work, or some hard-to-achieve combination.

The path to that success usually isn’t a clear one, and she says she’s been lucky to have been the beneficiary of very strong mentoring relationships throughout her career that have helped her carve her own path.

In 2013, DeVelvis was recognized by Claro employees as the firm’s first Mentor of the Year.

“After spending many years on the receiving end of strong mentors, it is extremely rewarding to feel that I might play some role in helping others find their own path to success,” she says. “I think anyone’s professional successes can probably be traced back to some combination of strong mentors, smart colleagues, supportive friends and family, hard work, and, possibly most importantly, asking for what you want.”