The 2015 Rising Stars of the Profession: Jessica Block


Jessica Block
FTI Consulting
Excellence in Client Service
Age: 33

During Jessica Block’s ten-year career with FTI Consulting she has rapidly ascended from an entry-level consultant to a top-level performer and global leader.

As a Senior Managing Director with the firm, Block manages a wide range of services from the delivery of fundamental technology capabilities in the e-discovery space to document review strategies and the navigation of complex, multi-faceted international compliance issues. She has shouldered primary responsibility for many of FTI Consulting’s largest engagements.

“Technology consulting is exciting because the problems that I’ll solve in five years and the tools that I’ll use to solve them don’t exist yet,” Block says. “Being part of an innovative organization in an evolving space promises creative challenge. I am proud of myself for finding a group of scary smart people and having the instincts to put down roots early in my career.”

Her talents and abilities haven’t gone unnoticed across the firm. She has been tapped to help set and steer the agenda on how best to attract, develop and serve new clients across the firm. Additionally, Block has personally developed a number of key contributors to extend her reach and the firm’s foundation—a group of high potential employees who have followed her path in serving clients first.

Ask her what’s been the biggest factor to her success and she’ll say her “brilliant and tenacious” colleagues.

“My value rests on my ability to bring the right people and services to address critical challenges,” she says. “Any success that I have enjoyed has been that of a very dynamic and talented team. I am lucky to have had ten years of professional opportunities and encouragements from my mentor at FTI. This award nomination is another one to be thankful for.”

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