The 2015 Rising Stars of the Profession: Daniel Santiago

Daniel Santiago
A.T. Kearney
Excellence in Public Sector
Age: 34

Daniel Santiago has always loved to fix things. He actually began his career as an engineer. Now, as a consultant, Santiago can’t believe he can make a living by helping solve clients’ most daunting problems.

“The bigger the challenge, the more exciting it is; whether it’s predicting the probability of steel prices or strategizing how to introduce competition into an industry with natural monopolies, I feel such satisfaction in helping our clients reach their end goals,” Santiago says.

As a manger at A.T. Kearney, Santiago currently runs a major initiative for a division of the Armed Forces. Under his leadership, the combined government-consultant team has identified hundreds of millions in savings opportunities thus far. One of the key elements of the program is working with the private sector to modify equipment specifications so that suppliers can build more affordable parts and systems.

“My greatest accomplishments have been delivering exceptional results to our clients in the aerospace and defense industry,” Santiago says. “Over the course of my two years with the firm, I’ve been able to not only identify but also capture immediate savings for our clients in the nine-figure territory. Seeing such tangible, enduring results as negotiations close and hands are shaken gives me a great deal of pride.”

Santiago credits much of his success to the people in his life. “I have inspiring colleagues and role models in spades! Working with them, I am able to learn something new each day,” he says. “At home, I’m grateful to have a loving wife who is—for the most part—patient with my hectic travel schedule. And my parents, my original No. 1 fans, are also such an integral part of my success.”

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