The 2015 Rising Stars of the Profession: Carina Hira

Carina Hira
Excellence in Financial Services
Age: 34

Carina Hira is emerging as a global finance transformation expert. She has been involved in several end-to-end transformations for some of PwC’s largest global banking and investment banking clients. Hira is also actively involved in PwC’s FS Women’s Network.

Ask Hira, a Director with PwC, what excites her about a consulting career and she’ll say its ever-changing nature. “I have a solid set of skills but constantly leverage them in different ways because I am always on the move and always in different situations. I love the challenge.”

“On the move” may be an understatement. Hira’s recently worked in the U.S., London, Vancouver and Manilla. She grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and Spain and speaks English, Spanish, Hindi, Sindhi, and basic German. All of that helps make her an excellent communicator, particularly with her global clients.

“I am proud to be a part of PwC,” Hira says. “Everything I have accomplished in my career—from running special projects in a small US town to driving massive change management work in Asia—started with the decision to join this firm. The power of this network, combined with personal characteristics such as determination and perseverance, has resulted in consistent win-win scenarios.”

Hira says when she was seven years old, she had asked my dad the meaning of her name. He said: “Carina is the name of a star in the Milky Way galaxy. You are a star.”

So, winning the Rising Stars award is an honor unlike any other, she says. “It means I embody characteristics of a top-notch consultant,” Hira says. “But more than anything else, it means I am living up to my name in the best possible way.”

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